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Year 6


A warm welcome to Year 6, from Miss Yeadon!

Who works in our classroom?

Investors in Pupils

Spring 2 target: To hand in homework on time, to a high standard. 

Year 6 Long Term Plan

World Book Day 2024- our classroom transformed into a Book Bistro!

Christmas Party!

Year 6 visited Kirkgate Market, as part of their history topic this term!

Bobby Bear has been in Year 6, because of our highest attendance in the school, learning impressive vocabulary! Go Bobby!

Harvest Celebration- Observational drawings of fruit and vegetables!

DT- Practical task to help Year 6 understand how to strengthen and reinforce structures, using cocktail sticks and gum drops! Some groups' sweet structure could withstand multiple dictionaries! Very impressive/

Geography- With lots of active learning, Year 6 were learning about city zones and how the Industrial Revolution impacted the structure of cities.

European Languages Day- Our country was France. After researching their chosen monument (Eiffel tower, Arc de triomphe, Notre Dame or the Louvre) , children made them out of recycled materials! Tres bien!

Science- Making a periscope!