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Year 6


A warm welcome to Year 6, from Miss Yeadon!

Who works in our classroom?

Investors in Pupils

Autumn 1 target- To do the morning starter as soon as you arrive each day. 

Information about homework, timetable and learning which will take place during the Autumn term.

Year 6 Long Term Plan

Bobby Bear has been in Year 6, because of our highest attendance in the school, learning impressive vocabulary! Go Bobby!

Harvest Celebration- Observational drawings of fruit and vegetables!

DT- Practical task to help Year 6 understand how to strengthen and reinforce structures, using cocktail sticks and gum drops! Some groups' sweet structure could withstand multiple dictionaries! Very impressive/

Geography- With lots of active learning, Year 6 were learning about city zones and how the Industrial Revolution impacted the structure of cities.

European Languages Day- Our country was France. After researching their chosen monument (Eiffel tower, Arc de triomphe, Notre Dame or the Louvre) , children made them out of recycled materials! Tres bien!

Science- Making a periscope!