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Home School Agreement

Adel Primary School




The school will:

  • Have high expectations of all children in all they do.
  • Celebrate the success of all children.
  • Work closely with families to encourage children to do their best
  • In addition to informal meetings we will hold two formal teacher consultations with parents/carers, at which children’s progress will be discussed, and send home a record of achievement at three points in the school year.
  • Promptly inform parents/carers of any concerns or problems that affect the work or behaviour of their child.
  • Provide and monitor home learning.
  • Invite families to special class or school events and assemblies.
  • Treat all personal and special category data relating to pupils and parents with the upmost credibility and integrity in line with our Privacy Policy and Data Protection Policy. At all times complying with our obligations under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and Data Protection Act 2018.


The family will:

  • Ensure their child arrives at school on time by 8.55am and is picked up promptly at 3.00 pm.
  • Support the attendance policy and uniform expectations of the school.
  • Inform school, as soon as possible, of any absence their child may have.
  • Support the school’s aims, objectives and policies.
  • Work with school to resolve any concerns or problems brought to their attention by staff.
  • Attend parent/teacher consultations and discussions about the progress of their child.
  • Support children with home learning.
  • Encourage positive attitudes throughout their child’s learning journey