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Wellbeing - Healthy minds, Healthy Body

Mental health

We all have mental health, just as we all have physical health, and how we feel can vary from good mental wellbeing to difficult feelings and emotions.

Talking Mental Health

Talking Mental Health is an animation designed to help begin conversations about mental health in the classroom and beyond.


We took part in #HelloYellow day on October 10th 2022. The day was aimed at showing young people, that by wearing something yellow, they are not alone with their mental health. Our mental health needs us to look after it, just as our physical health does.

We took part in mindfulness sessions, circle times, laughter yoga, and lessons linked to our emotions. Wearing yellow brightened everyone's day!


Welcome to our new playground leaders!

Our new playground leaders from Year Six have been doing an amazing job of supporting play at lunchtime. 

Welcome to our new Food Ambassadors!

Our new Food Ambassadors for 2022-23 have begun their new role, and they are doing a brilliant job of encouraging the children to eat healthily at lunchtime. They have promoted healthy eating and have amazing stickers to give the children who are 'spotted' making healthy eating choices.

West Leeds Activity Centre Fun day - 12th October 2022

A group of children from Year Four attended West Leeds Activity Centre for a day of activities aimed at promoting physical literacy, healthy lifestyles, team work, resilience and perseverance. What an amazing day!