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Our aim is to provide an enriched curriculum that meets the requirements for all children, regardless of background and ability, within a supportive environment of high expectations.  We place a high focus on developing children’s moral, spiritual, social and cultural understanding within a safe, caring setting in which children can thrive and succeed. 

We have developed three curriculum drivers that shape our curriculum, bring about our aims and the values of the school and respond to the needs of our community.

Our curriculum is underpinned by three key drivers, intrinsically linked to our core values:


GROWTH: Our curriculum is designed to develop children’s ‘skills for life’: By extending their vocabulary and deepening their knowledge base about the subjects they study. By cultivating memories to retain their learning, apply their skills and develop links in their understanding. By growing skills of resilience and independence and by nurturing their own and others’ physical and mental wellbeing.


DIVERSITY: Our curriculum is designed to recognise and celebrate the vibrant and rich cultural background in both our school and community as well as appreciating our responsibilities as global citizens in the 21st century.


ENGAGEMENT: Our curriculum is designed to engage and inspire children to question, explore, collaborate and interact with the world around them.  Opening their eyes to new horizons and a world of possibilities.


Our curriculum is enhanced and enriched with visits, guest speakers, real life experiences, physically active learning and outdoor education whenever possible. Community involvement is very important to us and we endeavour to invite as many families and visitors as we can to join us on our learning journey.


By the end of their Adel journey children will leave us as independent, confident, successful learners with skills for life and a thirst for learning; equipped for the challenges of the 21st century.


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