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Religious Education

RE ‘should explore the important role that religious and non-religious worldviews play in all human life. This is an essential area of study if pupils are to be well prepared for life in a world where controversy over such matters is pervasive and where many people lack the knowledge to make their own informed decisions. It is a subject for all pupils, whatever their own family background and personal beliefs and practices.’


Commission on RE, September 2018.

Religious Education Long Term Plan


At Adel Primary School we follow 'Believing and Belonging', the agreed syllabus for RE  in  West Yorkshire. 

The syllabus contains two key elements:

First, it is about beliefs and values. It aims to develop pupils’ understanding of world faiths and other beliefs, exploring their commonality and diversity. .  
Secondly, it is about ‘belonging’. It aims to nurture pupils’ awareness of the treasury of diversity as well as sensitivity to the questions and challenges that different views and cultures can present. Ultimately, we all share a common humanity and we share this patch of the Earth.  

RE plays an important role in preparing pupils for their future, for employment and lifelong learning. It enhances their Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural development by:

Developing awareness of the fundamental questions raised by human experiences, and of how religious teachings can relate to them;

Responding to such questions with reference to the teachings and practices of religions and other belief systems, relating them to their own understanding and experience;

Reflecting on their own beliefs, values and experiences in the light of their study. 

To ensure progression and rigour, core religions through which RE should be taught, are identified in  each key stage. 

Learning is focused around Christianity and Islam, alongside non-religious perspectives. The curriculum at KS1 may include aspects of other faiths and world views within themes studied and may reflect the beliefs in the local community and beyond.   


 Learning is focused around developing pupils’ understanding of Christianity, Islam and nonreligious perspectives, extending to Judaism and Sikhism. The curriculum  may include aspects of other faiths and world views.


As part of our Eid celebrations, every child made a clay hand print to decorate  with a Mendi design. All the hand prints were laid in a trail around school for the children to enjoy.

Harvest Festival

The school enjoyed donating our food contributions to Leeds North West Foodbank.

As we were unable to celebrate in a whole school assembly, each class watched a 'Peter Rabbit' dvd and discussed sharing and caring. They also went into the playground to exercise using the 'Power of Food'.

It was a very different approach this year but we all thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and were delighted to help out the Foodbank once again.

Look at our exciting RE celebrations

Diwali Candles


Each year group was given a battery tea light, a chocolate coin and asked to make a Diwali candle. Once the candles were in the hall, all the lights were switched off and the children enjoyed the beautiful glow.

Happy Diwali


We were delighted to welcome families from our Sikh children to explore the story of Rama and Sita. We loved hearing about the celebrations in their homes. 

Many thanks for giving up your time it was so appreciated.

Leeds Grand Mosque

Years 5 and 6 enjoyed at morning at the Mosque, learning about it’s role in the community and the 5 Pillars of Islam. Lots of fun were had when the children tried on traditional clothing from around the Muslim world. 


Celebrating Holi

Visiting the Gurdwara

The Teachers and Teaching Assistants really enjoyed our visit  the Gurdwara of Mrs Bhogal and Mr Lota. 

Our grateful thanks go to Mr Manku for answering our numerous questions and making us feel so very welcome. This  increased knowledge will help us to teach Sikhisim with a greater understanding.



The whole school enjoyed designing and making Rangoli patterns as part of our Diwali celebrations. Afterwards, we  joined them all together in the playground and our school photographer, Lee Call, caught the events on film.  We love the aerial drone shots and had such an exciting time making the patterns together.

RE displays

RE in the Classroom


Year 3 are exploring Inspiration!

Year 4 are considering Celebrations and Ceremonies