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School Council

'Because Pupil Voice Matters'


Pupil voice is highly regarded within school. One of the ways pupil's can express their ideas is via the School Council.

The School Council meet fortnightly to share and discuss views.

Each class across the age ranges, starting from Reception through to Year 6, have two main representatives that have been elected by their peers.

Each class also have 'Guest Councillors', who join our strong team each term, to allow more children the opportunity to be involved.

The children are enthusiastic members and are keen to fulfil their role as a Councillor.


What do the children think about School Council?

  • They think it is important that as a Councillor they represent everyone in school and carry forward ideas from their peers in class.
  • They believe they should be an outstanding role model to others in school.
  • All think it is important to raise money for school and other school supported charities.
  • School Council is fun and they enjoy coming to meetings to discuss important things.
Take a look at the PowerPoint we shared in assembly to see how the new School Council will run. We are really excited!

Thank you so much to every class for all your amazing ideas.

This year the Council will be working as a team to act on your ideas. These are:

  • playground leaders
  • health - tuck shop, planters, bake to sell
  • resource the outdoor classroom
  • Develop the conservation area
  • Introduce more clubs - IT and Baking

Questions the Classes have Answered so Far


How can we make school better than it already is?

What responsibilities would you like the playground leaders to have?

What games could they lead?

Who is interested?

What are your opinions about Adel as a healthy school?

Packed lunches?

Birthday sweets?

Bun sales?

Do you have any ideas how we can make our food choices healthier?

What resources would you like to see or think would be useful in the outdoor classroom?



Sub-meetings have taken place to research findings and to generate questionnaires.


Today was the first School Council meeting with our new class representatives and guests. We are all aware of the dates of each meeting throughout the year and have agreed to use communication books to record and communicate ideas in meetings. 

We are currently electing for School Council roles internally - Chair, Vice-Chair and Treasurer. 

If you have any inspiring ideas that you would like your representative to share within our School Council meetings, please don't hesitate to speak to your class representatives.

A huge thank you to all the School Councillors, including guests, who have shared their views and brought ideas to Council meetings. You have been fabulous members and I shall look forward to seeing you again, either as a main representative or guest, following our elections in November.
The tuck shop has been up and running since the start of this half term (Summer 1). The School Council and Food Ambassadors have volunteered to sell a variety of fruit every Tuesday and Thursday morning break time.  Lots of key stage 2 children are now enjoying a healthy snack at break and we would like to thank you for your support and custom.
School Council and the Food Ambassadors have joined forces to develop the idea to introduce a healthy tuck shop, where children in KS2 will be able to buy a snack at break time. We are in the process of researching the demand for this and the types of healthy snacks which will be most popular. We have generated some costings for common types of fruit and would like to develop the idea of selling a 'slush shot' drink - an idea inquired about during a School Council meeting.


Thank you to all the children who bravely and confidently shared their manifestos with their peers. We are pleased to announce new Councillors have been elected and for the second year, we have many children joining us as  guests for half a term. 

Thank you to the previous Council for your commitment and hard work. 


We have been busy choosing new rewards for the IIP personal targets, deciding a reward for the class who achieves the highest overall score in Mathletics, organising Children in Need and also inviting new candidates to write a manifesto for the new elections.

School Council meetings are well underway with the new Councillors. Mrs Storey has been enjoying attending our meetings and is thankful for the help she has received in where to locate a Worry Box in school. Councillors informed their classes about a competition to write a short poem or sentence to place on the front of the Worry Box. Why don't you come and read the winning poem?

We have elected our Chair and Vice-Chair and already everyone is full of ideas. With Red Nose Day just around the corner, Councillors have decided to raise money by involving everyone in a non-uniform day; dressing in red, white or black with an item of clothing to be worn backwards or inside out! 

Well done School Council!

Mrs Earley thoroughly enjoyed attending our meeting on 5.5.16, saying 'their ideas were fantastic'. She will be using these to create the child friendly anti-bullying policy. 




On Red Nose Day, we organised for the whole to take part in 'lOOK FUNNY FOR MONEY'. Everyone joined in the fun and dressed up in wierd and wonderful ways. Have you seen the photographs in the school's gallery?

Red Noses sold like hot cakes throughout the week and lots of buns were sold during and after school. A fabulous day was had by all. We cannot wait to organise another next year!

Thank you to everyone for their contributions, we raised an amazing £704!


The School Councillors and guest councillors are doing a fantastic job so far this year. They bring ideas from their peers to share at meetings and are always ready to voice their opinions and viewpoints in discussions about other important matters.

Already, they have been involved in making many important decisions across school. Some of these include:

  1. Naming our celebration assembly
  2. Suggesting a super reward for the class with best attendance (Bobby Bear mascot and certificate to inform parents)
  3. Raising money for the NSPCC by doing a GREEN FUN RUN
  4. Helping to organise a football rota for KS2 so playtimes are fair
  5. Using metal cutlery in KS 2
  6. How they would like playground money to be spent
  7. Rewards and sanctions for the new behaviour policy