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Feeling safe and happy at school

 At Adel Primary School, we want to make sure that you feel looked after, safe and happy when you are in and out of school.


We can help you by:


  • Helping you to know what bullying is.
  • Teaching you what to do if you feel like you are being bullied, or if someone else is being bullied.
  • Telling you the names of grownups you can speak to.
  • Being there to help and support you, to make things better.


Sometimes we don’t know if something bad is happening, so you need to tell us.


At our school we identify bullying by:

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                             You can stop bullying by:
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                           Who can help me in school?

Any of the adults in school will help you or you may want to go one  of these adults.

We are all here to listen to you. 

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Useful online sites:

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