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'Feel Geography through the soles of your feet'

At Adel, we aim for all children to gain 'skills for life' and thrive in a world where they are confident in the experiences they have gained and are able to use a secure foundation of knowledge to give balanced views about the ever changing environment.      

Through this belief, our Geography curriculum has been designed to align and meet the objectives outlined in the National Curriculum yet is bespoke to all our learners. Our curriculum drivers, 'Growth Diversity and Engagement' provide the foundation to our offer to ensure their geography experiences make memories which stay with them beyond their primary years.

Our Geography curriculum ensures a broad and balanced approach when developing place and locational knowledge allowing for retrieval opportunities and extension of previous knowledge which they will apply to new learning. Each Geography focus is approached through an enquiry question with links made when appropriate to other curriculum areas. 

Below you will find a flavour of the opportunities children experience through our Geography curriculum.

Children use maps, atlases, Digimaps and GIS sources to explore Geography and create their own representations

Developing outdoor map and compass skills and knowledge of a locality linked to History