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What does history look like at Adel Primary School?

History Long Term Plan 2021 2022

We use this timeline to help children across school improve their chronological understanding

Why is Enquiry so important in history lessons?

Enquiry involves asking questions about the past and finding answers by exploring the sources left from the past.


At Adel Primary School, we're shaping our lessons around enquiry questions and giving the pupils a chance to explore, discuss and investigate.  

History Concepts

At Adel Primary School, in our history lessons, we teach the necessary knowledge as well as historical concepts. Here they are:

 -Time, change, chronology (sequencing the past and continuity and change)

 - Reasons and results (cause and effect)

-  Interpretations and Significance (enquiry questions/using sources as evidence

 -Historical evidence



Focus Images

At the beginning of each history topic, children will be given a focus image. They will look closely at the source asking historical questions about it. At the end of the topic, children will be given the same image and write about what they've learnt throughout the topic to show lots of progression!

History Snapshot

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