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Each class teacher uses a website called Charanga to carry out music in their class. It is a tool to introduce the children to music theory, music appraisal and many modern and fun songs. The children have been enjoying learning about pulse and rhythm through games and interactive activities on the website.


We now have 30 new glockenspiels in our new music area so each child has access to one in their music lessons. The children are having a lot of fun learning music notation and having a go at learning new tunes.   

The children have music lessons in school from peripatetic staff who come into school. The children learn flute with Rebecca Morgan, guitar with Mr. Karawaszewski, trumpet with Ralph Tong, and  cello and violin with Liz Smith.


Year 3 have ukulele lessons with Alex Cairns each week.
Year 2 will soon be having lots of fun learning the ocarina with Mrs Outram each Wednesday morning.


Mrs Outram is Music Lead and takes singing assembly on a Wednesday morning. We are looking forward to singing in our Harvest festival next week.