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CONGRATULATIONS to the lucky winners of Bobby Bear's 50-day challenge!


Sam - Reception 

Dhilan - Year 1

Sonny - Year 2

Olivia - Year 4

Alex - Year 6


The lucky winners took home a £15 voucher for either the cinema, shopping or a restaurant. 

Christmas 2023 with Mrs Gillespie

Bobby had a wonderful Christmas in the Gillespie household!

Once he was settled in, he agreed to a wonderful bubbly spa treatment and spent the rest of the holidays smelling and looking mighty fine!

There was lots of chocolate feasting, game playing and generally relaxing. He was also taken to the local church where he met his friend Berty riding on a train. Bobby enjoyed every moment of his holiday but missed all his friends at school.

Bobby had a great time with Miss Ng at Easter. He made sure to dress up in his favourite Easter bunny outfit ready for finding Easter eggs. Miss Ng's puppy Rolo really enjoyed having Bobby at his house! So much so that he even had a little sleepover in his pen with him. Where ever Bobby went, Rolo was there too! Bobby went to Crimple Hall garden centre to help choose some lovely plants for Miss Ng's garden. He also went to Starling where he enjoyed his pancakes with Nutella and cream. Bobby found Miss Ng's Easter egg stash and tried to eat all them of them up, with the help of Rolo of course. Even though he spent a lot of time eating he made sure to find the time to rest and relax by reading some books on the sofa. Back to the healthy diet now Bobby!

Bobby's Easter holiday with Miss Ng!

Bobby Bear has had such an exciting holiday with Mr Thompson! He was a late call up to Gareth Southgate's World Cup squad but wasn't quite able to force his way into the team - hopefully at the next World Cup he'll be first choice. He discovered a new hobby, jigsaws, although it's quite tricky to hold the pieces without opposable thumbs! He tried to learn to ride a bike but he thinks that he could do with some stabilisers. Even though he was busy he found time to do his homework, he can spell his own name now. He made lots of new friends and even took them camping, Bobby is quite a pro with a kerosene stove. He went shopping and proved he was quite a turophile, Bobby explained to me that this meant he is a cheese expert, although when we got home he refused to eat anything except Ferrero Rocher chocolates.

He had a super holiday and was excited to get back to school!

Bobby Bear's Christmas holidays with Mr Thompson

Bobby Bear enjoyed his spa treatments with Mrs Gillespie

Bobby Bear spent Christmas with Miss Yeadon in Filey! 

Bobby's Half Term Holiday with Mrs Benning

Bobby had fun in the sunshine watching the cows, swinging on the swing and playing table tennis. He even went on a trip to Alnwick Castle and the beach!