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Bobby Bear enjoyed his spa treatments with Mrs Gillespie

Bobby Bear is spending Christmas 2021 with Miss Yeadon in Filey! 

Bobby went to Irton Garden Centre with Miss Yeadon; he loved all the Christmas decorations!

Bobby really enjoyed Christmas with Miss Yeadon. He pulled crackers, met her Aunty's puppy, played in the park, went to Filey beach, and had a go at playing Miss Yeadon's bass guitar!

Bobby enjoyed his week in Year 6

We've only been back a few weeks and Year 4 have already won school's attendance award for the week! Well done.

smiley Congratulations to Year 2 - Bobby Bear's attendance champions of the weeksmiley

You achieved 100% attendance this week!


Our whole school total for the week was 98.0% 

Well done to you all and let's keep it up.

Bobby enjoying playtime with Year 5

Bobby's Half Term Holiday with Mrs Benning

Bobby had fun in the sunshine watching the cows, swinging on the swing and playing table tennis. He even went on a trip to Alnwick Castle and the beach!


smiley Congratulations to Year1 - Bobby Bear's attendance champions of the weeksmiley

You achieved 99% attendance this week!



Bobby enjoyed finding out how to grow a Beanstalk. He was very impressed with Year Ones's gardening skills!

Bobby also spent time with our Year 3 children.

Bobby is enjoying reading Percy the Park Keeper with Year 1

Summer Term 2021

Bobby's Christmas with Mrs Shutt 

Reception were very excited to hear that they had the highest attendance and that Bobby Bear was going to join Mrs Shutt for the Christmas holidays! What fun he had at Mrs Shutt's house with her two girls! He visited Lotherton Hall and saw the penguins, he watched Santa travel past Mrs Shutt's house on his sleigh, they all visited Salts Mill to see the Christmas trees and he enjoyed reading his favourite story about one of his bear friends before bed. What fun! He cannot wait to tell all of his friends in Reception all about his Christmas holidays and to hear all of the exciting things they got up to too!

Bobby's Christmas with Mrs Shutt

YEAR 2 -  Bobby joined Year 2 for our music, maths and art lessons. He also enjoyed reading about dinosaurs, playing phonics games and joining us for a spot of lunch!


Bobby Bear joined year 5 this week - we did have fun!


laughCongratulations Year 4 and Year 3 who received 100% attendance this week!laugh

Whole School Attendance - 98.7%

Bobby has had a great  time in both classes. In Year 4 he has been learning the dance routine to Jerusalema and helping the children sell poppies for Remembrance Day.

 smiley Congratulations to Year  3 smiley

You are the winners this week with 100% attendance! 

Whole school attendance for the week was 98.4%

Bobby was lucky enough to spend two weeks in Year 6! He enjoyed science, hockey, world book day and learnt the importance of sanitising his hands when nasty viruses are around!

Bobby's holiday

Bobby spent the week with Year 6. He joined in with our science lesson and read in Drop Everything and Read.

Bobby has had a marvelous time in Year 6 this week. He read some of our book ‘Stormbreaker’, helped complete our RAP in our English books, took the register (impressively in Korean) and finally, learnt about the horrible punishments in the Tudor times. He agreed that he definitely would not like to have been around when the Tudor’s were in power!




We had a visit from Benny Bear to celebrate the children who had achieved 100% Attendance in 2018/19

Bobby Bear is very proud of one of our Year 6 pupils.  Oscar has attended school EVERY day for 7 years!  He was rewarded for this amazing achievement with 4 tickets to an international cricket game at Headingley cricket ground.  Well done Oscar - we worked out you have done 1,365 school days in a row!


Bobby Bear’s

‘50-day Attendance Challenge’

Congratulations to the winners of Bobby Bear's 50 day attendance challenge. 


Lily - £25 White Rose Shopping voucher 

Oscar - £25 Cinema voucher

Jordan - £25 Restaurant voucher

Amelie - £25 Build a Bear voucher.


Bobby Bear comes to celebrate the end of SATs with Year 6

Bobby Bear's Bank Holiday Adventures with Mrs Shutt


I was very excited to take Bobby home to meet my little girls. My little girls were even more excited to meet Bobby! We went to the Carnival in Ilkley and watched all of the floats go past. Bobby was very good at guessing which musicals each school represented! 

Bobby also remembered how to keep himself safe when he wandered away from us and found himself lost. He approached two police officers and asked for their help to find us! Bobby was very pleased when he was reunited with Esmae. Below are a few photos of Bobby's adventures with us. 

Bobby's Bank Holiday Adventures

Bobby Bear’s Easter Adventure!

Mrs Garnett here, reporting on the amazing adventures Bobby Bear and I had during the Easter half term together. What a helpful bear he is! Bobby helped me feed Lottie, Midge and Shortie (horses), bath Lola (dog) muck out Lottie and check on so many of my animals including baby goats (Indy and Axle) and a dragon (Ernie P), they all enjoyed meeting him. We took day trips together and he even helped me build my Lego, skateboarded with Dylan (dog) made coffee for Mr Garnett and helped him practise in his race seat. See below for some pictures of his adventures!

Bobby Bear in Reception

Bobby's adventures in Year 3!

We were delighted to have Bobby with us in year 3 this week due to our excellent attendance and were keen to show him how fun being in year 3 is! He has been doing science experiments, playing a spot of spelling tennis, enjoying the trim trail at break time and even exploring the conservation area in the sunshine. 

Bobby really enjoyed gymnastics in Year 2

Year 2 were very pleased that Bobby could join them in PE

Bobby is in safe hands in Year 2

Bobby Bear was really excited to watch Peter put our new willow house in our outdoor area!

Bobby Bear joined in year 5's maths lesson on decimals, Bobby represented the decimal place and learnt all about place value.
Bobby Bear learnt a great deal with year 5 on Friday, he now knows lots of ways to stay safe online.
Bobby Bear has been learning Spanish with year 5, we can say what we like and dislike and have revised common greetings.

We have been using money in maths and pretending to shop in a sweet shop!

Bobby has loved hearing our ukulele playing. Check out our playing on our year 3 class page!

Year 3 Mustard Seed Experiment. We wanted to investigate which conditions were best for mustard seeds to grow. We made our test fair by using the same saucers, amounts of cotton wool and seeds as well as measuring how much water we gave them. Bobby enjoyed checking the results. Can you see which seeds grew the best?

Bobby testing year 5's rockets

Bobby has had a great time this week watching Yr 5 perform their play. After a little persuasion, he agreed to take on a staring role!