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Forest School at Adel Primary

Exciting News!


Adel Primary School is about to become a Forest School!


Mrs Gillespie has been working really hard over the last year to complete her Forest School training and will become a fully qualified instructor in September 2021.


Watch this space as our Forest School journey unfolds.

Our first Forest School session was a great success. We played hide and seek, learnt how to use a saw safely, solved problems, worked together and generally enjoyed being outside!

Another great Forest School Session, we put our new knot tying skills to good use and erected shelters. Initially we remade the log circle so we could sit down comfortably then went on a leaf identification hunt. We confidently know: holly, hazel, rowan, sycamore and hawthorn. Most of us have cut our wooden disks for our name labels. Best of all, we have lots of fun!

What a great session today was! Fire starting certainly called for resilience and perseverance; we all managed to light our cotton wool in the end. Our name discs are taking shape, some of us have used gimlets to drill the holes for the tags. Our tree identification is becoming easier and we are learning new trees each time we visit the area. Looking forward to our next session.

Today we finally completed our name tags, we used a gimlet to drill a hole through the last few discs then decorated them.

Today was a day for clay! We made faces on trees and created amazing creatures - also a hot dog!

We played a game of 'Aunt Sally', aiming to knock all three wooden posts off the log. This was harder than it looked! It is a great game and one that could be easily played at home with tin cans and a ball, rather than cut branches and sticks.

Building the tallest tower was a real challenge! Mr Roberts and I were really impressed by the team building skills, problem solving and perseverance.