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Who's who ?

Come and meet the staff at our school!

Teaching Staff

Teaching Staff 1 Mrs S Parkinson Headteacher
Teaching Staff 2 Mrs J Cordingley Deputy Headteacher
Teaching Staff 3 Mrs S Arnott Assistant Headteacher/ Year 6 Teacher
Teaching Staff 4 Mrs S McWilliam Reception and Nursery Teacher
Teaching Staff 5 Mrs C Harrison-Place Reception Teacher
Teaching Staff 6 Miss C Saxton Year 1 Teacher
Teaching Staff 7 Miss J Beverley Year 2 Teacher
Teaching Staff 8 Mrs S Earley Year 3 Teacher
Teaching Staff 9 Mrs L Thompson Year 4 Teacher
Teaching Staff 10 Mr M Thompson Year 5 Teacher
Teaching Staff 11 Mrs C Gillespie Year 6 Teacher
Teaching Staff 12 Mrs G Outtram Teacher
Teaching Staff 13 Miss N Stride Teacher

Designated Senior Lead for Child Protection - Mrs J Cordingley

Designated Child Protection Officer - Mrs H Shutt

Designated Child Protection Officer - Miss C Saxton

Teaching Assistants

Teaching Assistants 1 Mrs A Roberts Nursery Nurse
Teaching Assistants 2 Mrs L Smith
Teaching Assistants 3 Mrs I Banciu
Teaching Assistants 4 Miss S Phelan
Teaching Assistants 5 Mrs J Phelan
Teaching Assistants 6 Mrs C Dews
Teaching Assistants 7 Miss N Clarkson
Teaching Assistants 8 Mrs K Storey
Teaching Assistants 9 Mrs H Cairns
Teaching Assistants 10 Mrs L Cooper
Teaching Assistants 11 Mrs A Masocha
Teaching Assistants 12 Miss A McIver
Teaching Assistants 13 Miss H Leafe
Teaching Assistants 14 Mrs J Kelly
Teaching Assistants 15 Mrs H Garnett
Teaching Assistants 16 Mrs L Flesher

Office Staff & Superintendent

Office Staff & Superintendent 1 Mrs R Spinks
Office Staff & Superintendent 2 Mrs J Whiteley
Office Staff & Superintendent 3 Mr R Kirk

Kitchen Staff and Lunchtime Supervisors

Kitchen Staff and Lunchtime Supervisors 1 Mrs Marcroft
Kitchen Staff and Lunchtime Supervisors 2 Miss Begum
Kitchen Staff and Lunchtime Supervisors 3 Mrs Chauhan