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Bobby Bear's Blog

Bobby Bear is our attendance Bear. 

Bobby becomes a pupil in the class who have achieved the highest attendance % for the week.  

Have a look to see which classes Bobby has joined and what he's been learning!


smileyCongratulations! With 100% attendance Reception is the attendance winner!smiley

Bobby Bear is very excited to join the Reception Class and find out about their book of the week, Supertato.

Picture 1 Reading Supertato with some of his friends
Picture 1 Bobby Bear was tied up by the Evil Pea
Picture 2 Fun building a house for Superheroes


With 99.4%, Year 5 have the highest attendance for the week again.  Bobby is returning to your classroom for another, fun-filled week. 

Bobby testing year 5's rockets

Bobby testing year 5's rockets 1
Bobby testing year 5's rockets 2
Bobby has had a great time this week watching Yr 5 perform their play. After a little persuasion, he agreed to take on a staring role!
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 1 Bobby has been in Yr 5 from the 10th-15th December
Picture 2 He has learnt so much about Space!