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Year 6

        Welcome to Year 6 
Home Learning March-May 2020 

Dain's fantastic Jobs (in Spanish) powerpoint

Gymnastics (squat throughs, squat ons and straddles)

Lotherton Hall Evacuation Day

Today we re-enacted the story of David which is the Jewish symbol . We had so much fun creating freeze frames .

Chuck Close inspired artwork

Our current PSHE topic is ‘mental well-being’. We have been learning about the seven steps to wellbeing and how we can help ourselves physically and mentally.

We had another visit from Streetlaw where we learnt about Human Rights.

In Spanish, we have been learning about how to ask what the weather is like and how to reply. We have also been answering the register in Spanish. Last week we learnt how to say what was in our pencil case.

Science- investigating beaks

We had a workshop today, led by some law students, to show us how a trial in the modern day would work. The trial was based around Goldilocks and whether she was guilty or innocent.

Investors in Pupils

We achieved our class target: To be less fussy 


Our new target: To use the ‘help I’m stuck board’ more frequently 


We are still continuing with our individual targets. 




A huge thank you to Mrs White for coming in to class and discussing her role as a police officer!!!! 

We had a great time learning about how policing has changed throughout the years. 



Celebrating Black History Month

World Mental Health Day 2019


Today, we wore yellow to support the charity 'young minds'. We brought in yellow items to dress the teachers in. 




Are modern day punishments too harsh?


We have been busy learning about the Roman, Anglo Saxon/Viking and Tudor crime and punishments. Today we used our classroom timeline to write our opinions about crime and punishment in these time periods. We also compared them and related them back to the modern day. We are very much enjoying finding similarities and differences between the crimes and punishments. 


Periscope making in Science

Robinwood Souvenir List

Robinwood Suggested Clothing

Welcome to Year 6 Presentation 2019

Topic Homework Grid Crime and Punishment

Our Crime and Punishment inspired drama

Year 6 Timetable

PE Days: Tuesday and Friday. Please ensure you have your PE kit in school on these days. 

Year 6 homework timetable 


—Thursday- Monday: Grammar and spelling homework

The grammar homework will be introduced on a Tuesday/Thursday morning. Grammar homework will be sent home in a spelling/grammar folder. Spellings will be given on the same day as the grammar homework and in the same folder. Occasional extension tasks may be included with the spelling homework. The spelling test will be on the back of their spelling homework so there is a record of how they scored on the test for you to see at home. Spellings set are to be revised each day – please help by testing your child at least twice during the week. 

Please make sure the spelling/grammar folder is in school on a Monday. 


—Monday-Thursday: Maths homework

Maths homework will consolidate the learning from the previous week. If your child finds this difficult, please encourage them to speak to me about it so we can go over it in assembly time on Monday. 

Please make sure the maths homework folder is in school on a Thursday. 


—Friday-Friday: Mathletics homework 


—A topic homework grid will be sent home at the start of every half term (in the back of the grammar/spelling homework folder). Your child should complete at least three of the activities on the sheet by the end of the half term.


—In addition, please encourage your child to read every day and ask them questions about the text. Reading comprehension homework will start in October.