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Year 6 Archive: 2016-2017

Welcome to Year 6
Robinwood Dobroyd Castle

Mrs Gillespie's Group - Archery


Mrs Storey's Group - Zip Wire

Mrs Storey's Group - Archery

Mrs Storey's Group - Challenge Course

Mrs Storey's Group - Caving

Mrs Storey's Group - Crate Challenge

Mrs Storey's Group - Piranha Pool

Mrs Storey's Group - Night Line

Mrs Storey's Group - Climbing

Mrs Storey's Group - Raft Building

Mrs Storey's Group - Quest

Enjoying each other's company

Many thanks to the Adel Crag Community Association, especially Francis Garbitt, for providing us with 20 bird box kits to assemble and then put up in our local community. Year 6 learnt so much and really enjoyed their woodworking lesson!
Congratulations to year 6 for their 100% attendance and winning Bobby Bear for the week. Mrs Gillespie took him home for a little rest and recuperation and he now looks (and smells) much cleaner!!
Bobby needed a little stitch or two.
Recovering from surgery.
A quick bubble spa bath.
Fresh air!
Ready for the weekend.
Bobby with the royal ruby.
Taking the waters.
Snack time!
Art and Craft club enjoyed the expertise of Mrs Cordingley this week and found sugar craft great fun and quite delicious!!

Sugar craft

Robinwood PowerPoint, split in two because it is so big!
Street Dance - Leeds Rhinos Celebration Day
Many thanks to the Roots to Roofs project team - developed in partnership between NYBEP and North Yorkshire Construction training -  who introduced the class to this amazing STEM and enterprise activity. The class can't wait to start 'building' their projects.

The next tallest tower challenge was simply 20 sheets of A4 paper, no tape or glue allowed.


Tallest tower challenge, using three sheets of newspaper and 30 cm of tape.

2017 national curriculum tests for key stages 2: information for parents

2017 Key Stage 2 tests

A summary of the Key Stage 2 tests that Year 6 pupils will take in England in May 2017. Aimed particularly at parents. A downloadable version is available for schools to use here: The standard KS1 version is available here:

Congratulations Year 6 on your excellent attendance - look who has come to visit us!

Bobby checking Eve is working hard!
Bobby keeping a close eye on Dom and Cerys
Arian lent Bobby his red nose, sadly it didn't fit
Come fly with me!

Celebrating World Book Day in style!

Many thanks to Chris Hassal from the University of Leeds who delivered an amazing workshop on adaption. Year 6 thoroughly enjoyed their afternoon, especially the Revels!

We all had a wonderful time watching the Aladdin pantomine, what a treat!

Look what Ewan won!



Good morning,


I am writing to congratulate Ewan Welsh in his fantastic drawing for the Dream Treehouse Competition! We had many fantastic entries this year and it was very tough to pick the top three. We wanted to do something very special with Ewans’s as he just missed out on third place but it was too good not to have a prize. Therefore we would love to give Ewan a £50 voucher still but also use his drawing for our Christmas cards 2017!


Ewan’s hard effort has also meant that his school also receives £100 too!


We would love to be able to have a photo for the prize giving to both him and his school so we would need permission from a parent or guardian for this.


Congratulations again and I look forward to hearing from you.


Kind regards,





Francesca Wright  | Marketing Assistant

t: 0113 258 2657 | m:



This half term's newsletter for parents.

Science Success!

There was much excitement in year 6 today when we managed to get a series of lemons to light a diode! This was our second attempt which made the success even more exciting! 

Monday 5th December - Today, we put Goldilocks on trial ,thanks to the BPP Law students. I'm sure you can work out who Goldilocks is, but can you work out who the policeman is?

Monday 28th November - today's law students discussed crime and punishments. Have a look at the PowerPoint for more information. Year 6 asked lots of very sensible questions and told a few interesting tales!

BPP Law Students visited our school on Monday 21st November. Year 6 learnt a great deal about criminal and civil law, they even debated fizzy drinks and the right to carry guns.

Introduction to Law - year 6

Homework help: Mathematics reasoning paper answers
Homework help: answers to the 2016 reading comprehension. 

Congratulations to our new school council members.

We all enjoyed listening to their presentations.

School council elections

Daisy wrote a most compelling and very humorous poem, as part of her presentation, about why she shouldn't be voted for!

Congratulation to Year 6 for winning the attendance award, week ending Friday 30th September

Bobby enjoying a science lesson on the eye.
Bath time!

Many thanks to Kerry Baker, Engineering Liaison Officer for Engineering at Leeds University and Shauni Sanderson for today's workshop.


The class explored engineering as it related to a product designed and manufactured in Leeds, made their own mock-product to take home, and worked in teams to build a GIANT tetrahedron structure.

The activities were designed to challenge pupils to communicate, practice, test and create using real life examples of engineering practices and processes.

Tetrahedron challenge


We have learnt how to spy around corners and used mirrors to see over obstacles.

Our Colour Collages Look Amazing!

The British Red Cross

Courtlin from The British Red Cross has been visiting year 6 for a series of workshops. 

The workshops aim to help children:

explore their assumptions about terms such as refugee, migrant and asylum seeker
> understand why someone might have to flee their home and empathise with people arriving in a new place
provoke discussions and critical thinking about the harmful effects of stigmatising behaviour
consider how their actions could help refugees, migrants and asylum seekers feel more welcome.


Visit From Stuart McGill - Ralph Thoresby High School

Stuart McGill visited year 6 to talk to them all about Ralph Thoresby and its wonderful facilities. The class all listened really well and had some very interesting questions.


Our RE topic this half term is Sikhism, we have already learnt a great deal and have a better understanding of what it means to be a Sikh.

Investors In Pupils - Individual targets

We have already met some of our individual targets and are moving our sweets to the top jar!

Information for parents about this term.