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Year 6 Archive: 2015-2016

A few more photographs of the basket ball, coutesy of Kieron Nevison Photography.

Many thanks to Matt and the players from the Leeds Force Basketball Team, we all had an amazing time.

Our 'garden' party to celebrate the Queen's birthday.

We have nearly all achieved our Investors In Pupils individual targets, please ask us what our target is.

​Robin Wood Residentialsmiley        frown        laugh

The Adventure Begins.

Crag Group

Mountain Group

Crag Group Nightline

Mountain Group Nightline

Crag Group Archery

Mountain Group Archery Session

Mountain Group Canoeing

Crag Group Canoeing

Crag Group Giant Swing

Crag Group - Zip Wire

Crag Group Obstacle Course

Mountain Group - Climbing Wall

Crag Group Caving

Mountain Group Caving

Crag Group Piranah Pool Challenge

Recipes from our healthy week.

Healthy week, healthy cooking! Thank you to Amitis' Mum for helping us to cook this delicious meal.

Congratulations to year 6 who won this week's attendance award. Bobby has had a great time with us so far...

Bobby, enjoying our reading corner.
Bobby found the 1 mile walk utterly exhausting.

Rising to the '20 sheet tallest tower challenge' - just 20 sheets of paper, no glue, or tape allowed.

The Tallest Tower Challenge - we had great fun but some of our towers were a little wobbly!

Rugby with Tony - press-ups, pancakes (ask the children) and lots of skills drills!

Year 6 enjoying their first yoga session. The whole class agreed they felt much more relaxed at the end of the session. Mrs Gillespie and Mrs Storey nearly fell asleep during the relaxation time at the end!

Adventures in the Stardome.

Working with Artis

Still image for this video
Year 6 enjoyed a dance and drama working shop with Scramble from Artis as part of our space themed science week celebrations.

Communication challenge. You have to be able to give clear instructuions and listen well!

Making origami space rockets - testing our manual dexterity.

Testing our reflexes, as part of our astronaut training.

Space Week - Testing Martian soil samples. We looked at acidity, colour, texture, range of particle size, absorbancy, and presence of salt

We looked at the work of Jean Miro in art, discussed surrealism and drew our own interpretations of our dreams.

KS2 SATs Assessment Meeting Information

Look at our cosy book corner, everyone seems to like to relax on the sofa with a good book.

Many thanks to Kerry Baker, Engineering Liaison Officer for Engineering at Leeds University and two of her students for today's workshop.


The class explored engineering as it related to a product designed and manufactured in Leeds, made their own mock-product to take home, and worked in teams to build a GIANT tetrahedron structure.

The activities were designed to challenge pupils to communicate, practice, test and create using real life examples of engineering practices and processes.

Tim Peake update

Have a look at the website it has lots of videos and information about Tim's mission. There is also a preview of the animated version of Tim Peake on CBeebies Stargazing on Monday 11th  at 5:45pm.

Our first spring term science topic is a biology topic: Animals, including humans.

We will explore the structure of the heart and lungs. The double circulation through the lungs and the rest of the body will be explained and the class will learn more about blood! How does exercise affect pulse rate? Why is exercise good for us and what can harm the heart and lungs?



Final pieces of space homework. Thank you for all the baking, making and creating!

Bobbie Bear came to see year 6 after we managed 100% attendance! Well done year 6.

Space Homework Week 1 - What amazing homework, you have: baked, created, built, written and presented. Thank you all, I hope you enjoyed doing your homework, I look forward to seeing next week's results.

BPP Mock Trial of Goldilocks - was she innocent or guilty? We listened to the evidence and found her guilty.

Sorting adverbs - answering the questions: 'How?', 'Where?', 'How often?' and 'When?'.

Our problem solving super star who represented the whole school at Ralph Thoresby on 26th November 2015

Investigating water's surface tension - how many drops of water can you fit on a penny? I think you would be surprised.

Static Science Experiments

BPP Law Students visited our school on Monday 16th November. Year 6 learnt a great deal and even debated fizzy drinks and the right to carry guns.

Well done to the Maths team - finalists in the Leeds & District Junior School Maths Challenge 2015

Corner to corner maths investigation. Rules: For any counter a ‘move’ means a slide into an adjacent empty square – which can be left / right or up / down, no diagonal moves here and no jumping over!

Remembrance Day - KS2 took part in our Remembrance service. The poppies look wonderful. Well done everyone.

Science Circuits - spot the use of pencil case zips and metal pen clips to conduct the electricity!

Yorkshire puddings! What a lovely way to celebrate Yorkshire Week. Thank you Mrs Campbell-Martin for all your help, the Yorkshire puddings were delicious.

Congratulations Ella! So pleased you won the Yorkshire hamper.

Artist Peter Swidrak lead year 6 on a Yorkshire art treasure hunt, before helping them create their own Yorkshire roses

Rt. Hon. Lord Shutt of Greetland visiting year 6 and year 5 as part of our Yorkshire Week celebrations.

Experimenting with prisms in science.

Cycling proficiency: the weather stayed dry, although a little cold, and we all had a great time and learnt so much.

Celebrating the Sikh religion

Welcome to year 6 - information for parents

This half term's science topic is Light

We will be learning to identify sources of light and revise the fact that light travels in straight lines and opaque objects form shadows. Through investigation and experimentation we will show we understand that to see, light needs to enter the eye. We will investigate light reflection and refraction, and the fact that white light is made of many colours. 

We had lots of fun making and testing our periscopes.

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