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Year 6

A warm welcome to Year 6, from Miss Yeadon!


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Year 6 Information Presentation 2021

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Behaviour for Learning Chart and Weekly Timetable

Investors in Pupils Classroom Target:

Autumn 1: To line up quietly and smartly. 

Music- We watched a live performance from the band called Maia!

Art- collecting our samples, influenced by Kazuhito Takadoi!

Circulatory System- active learning showing how blood is pumped around the body by the heart and how the blood becomes oxygenated by the lungs.

After learning about different microorganisms like Bacteria, Virus and Fungus, Year 6 made what they look like under a microscope!

Taking inspiration outdoors in the sun, while we write our setting descriptions.

Year 6 are working hard recapping their History Crime and Punishment topic, preparing for their balanced argument!

Yr5/6 Basketball Tournament. Well done to Jack, Josh, Rishi, Krishan, Jana, Serene, Lukas, Henry, Oliver and Woosung.

We took part in the RSPB Big Garden Bird Watch!

Bobby Bear is coming home with Miss Yeadon for Christmas, as Year 6 had the highest attendance this week! Oh, and we saw Santa today!

Geography- Year 6 are working really well, working together recapping everything they have learned so far. They are answering the question: How significant was the Industrial Revolution in shaping UK cities?

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We all reached our classroom target for Autumn 1. Well done Year 6. Also, we have progressed with our individual targets too as you can see by our rockets making their way to the top!!

Break the Rules day- apart from the rules that keep us safe, we are allowed to break the rules today! I don't recognise my Year 6 class- they look very scary and have made me jump a few times!

We have come to the end of our Light topic in Science. Year 6 are revising and recapping together on A3 paper, preparing for the quiz!

Reception were very excited to hear Year 6 read their books to them!

Science- We have been learning about reflective materials and made a reflection tester to test materials around the classroom.

Geography- Today we have been learning about City Zones! It was an active and fantastic lesson, followed by a jumping quiz!

History: (Skill: Significance and Interpretation). Around the classroom were information sheets about canals, the steam engine and Gott and Marshall. Like historians, Yr6 interpreted the information sheets and recorded the significance this had for Leeds during the Industrial Revolution!

Music- In groups, Year 6 are practising their body percussion to Beethoven Symphony No5 to perform next week to Year 5!

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Hello Yellow Day- A day in support of children's mental health.

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This morning, Year 6 are looking lovely in their yellow as they sensibly and smartly walk into the Hello Yellow assembly!

Harvest Festival

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Art. Year 6's Art topic is 'Street Art'. This week we looked at the street artist called L'Atlas. Inspired by his geometric lines, Year 6 created a similar effect using scotch tape! Wow, a big well done Year 6!

Scotland Mill! - For Geography, we went to look at the remains of Scotland Mill which spun flax during the Industrial Revolution. The water wheel (where the children are standing) powered the machinery of John Marshall's flax mill and consequently, the Industrial Revolution in Leeds flourished.

Scooter Training- Year 6 had a fantastic time on their scooters, learning about road safety and balance!

Science. Our topic is 'Light'. Year 6 investigated how light travels... in straight lines!

Malham School Trip!

(20th to 22nd September 2021)


Day 1 - At the top of Malham Cove

Day 2 - Stream Study

Evening Team Games!