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Year 5 Archive: 2018-2019

Welcome to Year 5

We have rescued Princess Peach and are busy deciding what we would like to do as our reward. Well done year 5.
Our class target - to enable Mario to ascend the rainbow road -  is to come in quietly and settle quickly, ready to learn.
We have designed our sweets and are ready to challenge ourselves to reach our individual targets to reach the golden jar!

Our Class Vision

We promise to do our best every day and challenge ourselves

Samba, Samba, Samba...At the Civic


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Outdoor Art based on the work of Piet Mondrian.
Congratulations to our catapult competition winners! Having won the class competition, they then went on to win the inter-school competition at Ralph Thoresby High School.
Healthy Week
Bushtucker Trials! You would not believe what your children ate!
Samba workshop 


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Art outside - looking at shapes and angles
Investigating air resistance - parachute making and testing
Malham Residential - look at our smiles! We had an amazing time.

Homework Rota

Area Handed Out Due In




Topic Wednesday Wednesday
Reading Comprehension wk 1,3,5 Friday Friday
Grammar wk 2, 4 Friday  Friday


Children should be reading a book of their choice every night

YHA Malham Kit List 

Essential:(Amount dictated by length of stay) 


Underwear   (Good socks for  walking)                                                             



Shorts (if necessary) 

Trousers (not all jeans as these are uncomfortable and heavy when wet) 

Jumpers (lots of thinner layers are best for warmth) 

Walking boots or strong waterproof trainers (must be sturdy enough to walk in, no gym pumps or best shiny shoes!) 

Another pair of outdoor shoes (to change into for evening activities if you have them) 

Slippers/indoor shoes (to be worn in the hostel) 

Warm Hat, scarf & Gloves. 

Sun block, sun hat (if necessary!) 

Waterproof coat (and trousers if you have them) 

500ml water bottle 

3 bin bags (one for washing, one for protecting items in rucksack, one for sitting on during the walk!) 

Rucksack for the walk (this must be a bag which sits on both shoulders) 

Toothbrush and toothpaste 

Soap/shower gel/shampoo/ hairbrush etc. (no aerosols,) 



Packed lunch for the first day  

Personal Medication. (inhalers etc.) 




A torch – no street lights ! 

Spending money (£5.00 as a guide) 

Please ensure your child can carry all of their equipment! 

Maya Art - pointillism using cotton buds 
Malham information letter
A science investigation into heat loss from different volumes of water - this links to different sizes of penguins and their habitats (ask your children)!
Year 5 had a Judo taster session today, huge smiles all round, especially when they were keeping each other pinned to the floor!
World Book Day 2019. Thank you for a wonderful array of costumes, slippers and even face paint. What a fabulous day!
Mr Field came dressed up too!
Year 5 were visited by Professor Russell this afternoon, who lead them on a workshop all about the science of sound. What an amazing afternoon, we learnt so much and all thorougly enjoyed the experience.
We ventured into the nature conservation area today and collected a variety of objects, some natural , others quite a mystery as to how they had ended up in the there. We sorted the objects according to their properties. We then came back inside and, using hoops, created Venn diagrams to help sort our objects according to their properties.
Tiggy Triangles - ordnance survey symbols. 

Today in science we have been answering the question,'Which material is the best filter?'

If you get caught in the wild and need to drink the water from a stream, year 5 recommend kitchen roll or paper towels to filter the water!

Bobby Bear joined in our maths lesson today. He represented the decimal place to help the class order decimals and understand place value.
We are currently reading Street Child by Berlie Doherty, you can find out all about Lizzie and Emily in the exciting sequel 'Far from Home'.

Far From Home: The sisters of Street Child (Street Child) by [Doherty, Berlie]

Bobby Bear learnt lots of ways to stay safe on the internet, during our internet safety lesson on Friday.

Year 5 were very excited to have him back with us after our amazing attendance this week.

Bobby Bear has been helping year 5 with their Spanish. They can now say things they like and dislike, we have revised common greeting too.
Look at our amazing homework based on Tuesday by David Weisner. Everyone achieved 'star homework' this week! Thank you for your help and support.
Workhouse Woes: we have been busy gathering evidence about the terrible conditions poor people endured in the workhouses. We will be writing letters of persuasion both formal and informal.
Glockenspiels are a real favourite in year 5. We have been looking at musical notation and learning how to read it.
Reception came to visit us today with their wanted posters, warning us all about the Evil Pea! We are on our look out for him!
Bobby Bear is back again! 100% attendance, well done year 5.
Follow the link below for a guide to active and passive sentences - set for homework on Friday 18th January.
We had a really active morning working on our language skills with an 'Image Scrimmage', using some of the amazing artwork from the book Tuesday by David Weisner.  We had to put ourselves in the characters' minds, find key details and use WOW vocabulary.

Image result for tuesday david wiesner

Image result for tuesday david wiesnerImage result for tuesday david wiesner

We are studying the book Tuesday by David Weisner, as part of our literacy study. We have taken on the role of police inspectors and have been gathering evidence, in pairs to help us write our reports. Image result for david wiesner tuesday

Newsletter for parents, spring 1.
We are studying the work of the French artist Henri Rousseau. Look at our amazing class collage, we really enjoyed cutting out the leaves and flowers.
Active learn - we had a great time in mathematics trying to work out the answer to maths questions and then touch the person who had the answer pegged to them. We took it in turn to be the 'tigger', and turns in the 'triangle'. Look at our smiles! 

Tiggy Triangles

DT - Designing a rocket to be fired from a 'Stomp Rocket'. There was paper everywhere!

Bobby, testing the rockets!

Baboushka - performance - year 5 were amazing!

Baboushka dress rehearsal

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Baboushka dress rehearsal

Topical science update - it's beginning to look a lot like Mars!

Lots of great links to various Mars information sites. Watch out for the incorrect use of the apostrophe though!!

Year 5 are the healthiest children in the school! Bobby Bear has come to stay for the fourth week running! 
Year 5 have won the attendance class of the week for the third week running and Bobby Bear has come to join us again. Check out his fabulous Santa suit!
Congratulations to Year 5 whose attendance exceeded all other year groups and enabled us to have Bobby Bear for the week.
Bobby Bear came home with Mrs Gillespie for the weekend. He enjoyed a spa treatment, a stitch or two and also some 'down time'!
We have been writing non chronological reports in English. Here are some we wrote, in pairs, on every day classroom objects. We had a great time adding to our knowledge, using the i-pads to help us.
Our topic homework is amazing! 
Year 5 enjoyed designing their Rangoli patterns as part of our Diwali celebrations. Hamza's design was chosen to be enlarged onto paper and chalked for the playground.
Gymnastics - handstands and cartwheels (photographed by GM and MH - my photographic assistants).
We had a great time during our science morning. Thanks to all the parents who came to investigate drops of water on a penny!

We made Egyptian Honey Balls

Our trip to Leeds City Museum

Can you work out what letters we are trying to make?
Our balances are definitely improving.

Spelling help


Children will be given three of these words each week to learn but if you would like to learn more then please feel free to do so!

Year 5 made Egyptian collars in Design & Technology

Place Value

We've kick started the year off by understanding the place value of different numbers. We used 'Base 10' to help us.

Look at our interesting balances.

Year 5 have been working really hard during their first week.

Parent Information Presentation 2018

Living Things

In Science, children have carefully examined a flower to identify the main parts and understand some of its functions.

Comparing Plant Life Cycles

We've been comparing flowering plants to non-flowering plants. We know flowering plants have seeds and non-flowering plants have spores.

Egyptian Daily Life

Year 5 have started to use different sources of information to find out about daily life in Ancient Egypt. We already know how important the River Nile was to them and that not many Egyptian were able to read or write.

How to mummify fruit


We've looked in lots of different non-fiction books this week learning all about how and why pyramids were built.


Did you know it took over 20 years to build the pyramids at Giza?

Did you know between 20,000 - 30,000 men helped to pyramids at Giza?

Did you know the largest pyramid was over 450 ft high?

Numbers to 1,000,000

Year 5 are now able to recognise numbers up to 1,000,000 and played games  to try and catch the partner out!

Spanish directions

Children have learnt a song focusing on directions in Spanish. They re-arranged words into sentences using both directions and high street places.