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Year 5

            Welcome to Year 5            

smiley Our first half term target for the summer term is to complete the morning challenge, without being reminded to do so laugh.

Classteacher : Mrs Gillespie

PPA cover: Mrs Outram (Wednesday morning)

TA: Miss Koeber

PE: please wear your PE kit on Tuesdays and Fridays.

If you are having to self-isolate or work from home for any reason, use these resources for the first few days. The class teacher will then be in touch regarding with subsequent days' work. 

This is our weekly timetable:


  • Monday – spellings set (to be revised each day – please help by testing your child at least twice during the week). ​

  • Wednesday - Minute maths​

  • Friday- Topic​​     

  • Homework set on a Monday is due the following Monday, set on a Wednesday, due the following Wednesday etc.​                                        In addition please encourage your child to read every day.​​

Hula Hooping Brownlee Challenge:

We have been hula hooping all week and are definitely improving!

Bobby Bear came to visit year 5 this week, congratulations year 5!

Look at our beautiful Eid al-Fitr hand prints. We made a print in the clay, then once it had dried, painted it with metallic paint. We then decorated our print with markers to create these stunning designs.

Our final lesson studying materials and their properties took place in the nature conservation area. We used hoops to create Venn diagrams and sorted the materials we collected into two sets, including an intersection.
We had a lovely time in the sun making tiny houses for year 1 to find. We built them in the tree roots, like nests in branches and some free-standing ones too.
We were lucky enough to have some frogspawn in year 5, we now have tadpoles and really hope for frogs!
We showed real teamwork in the nature conservation area, working together to move  logs to create a circle where we can all sit. We then had a wonderful time getting as muddy as possible!

Investigating surface tension of water.

How many drops of water do you think you can put on a penny?

Spectacular Science Week

We made paper airplanes that flapped like birds and talked about aerodynamics.

We looked at structures and built our own - tallest and strongest.

We made our own Explorify - Zoom in, Zoom out pictures.

Marvellous Mars! Check out this science update - lots of amazing information about Mars and the recent landings.
Christmas Fun Day

Incredible information all about satellites

Well done Year 5. We have achieved our whole class target 'To come in quietly and settle quickly, showing we are ready to learn.'

Learning the Time in Spanish!

Still image for this video
The children have worked hard on their Spanish accents and conversation to ask each other the time. The children answered the register in Spanish this morning with the time they woke up this morning. There were some early risers!


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Our amazing djembe drumming!

African Dance

Mrs Outram helped us to learn African dancing with the use of a clock face, we were really good and kept in time!

Technology - we are making toys using Cams, we have been measuring, sawing, drilling and having a great time!


We have learnt all about flowering plants this week. Look at our detailed flower dissections.

Life Cycles

We have learnt about the unusual life cycles of frogs, newts, butterflies and dragonflies today. We had to find the fact cards carefully hidden in the nature conservation area, to help fill in the missing facts on our sheets.

Maths: we have been revisiting place value this week, using place value counters to secure our knowledge.

Geography: We used a compass today to find north and then, used it to help us draw the  letters below.

The simplest letter was a C -follow these instructions to draw one:

2m N

150cm E

50cm S

1m W

1m S

1m E

50cm S

150cm W


We are consolidating our knowledge of continents and oceans. We had a great lesson hunting for pieces of the world jigsaw hidden around the field - we then had to check we had the correct pieces and put the map together.