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Year 4 Archive: 2018-2019

Year 4 Home Learning

Daily reading. 

Weekly spellings - spelling quiz Friday.

English/Maths activity - alternate weeks

Mathletics (set tasks given for Maths activity)

Bushcraft @ Lineham Farm

Night Walk and Campfire with hot chocolate, marshmallows and riddles @ Lineham Farm

Low Line and Night Line @ Lineham Farm

Happy Easter

Dragon inspired artwork

Everyone enjoyed making an electrical circuit and learning about sources of energy.

Creating a 3d model (a volcano) and volcanic eruptions!

Autumn 2

Welcome back.

Please find information about this half terms learning below. The children are very excited and have been busy finding out lots of information to share about volcanoes and earthquakes.

Do Liquids Float and Sink?

Would you believe polystyrene cups could hold the weight of a child? In our investigation we proved that if they were placed in a post and lintel design, like in Greek Architecture, they proved to be incredibly strong. 

We enjoyed making Greek masks, columns and tasting Greek style foods. Our Zorba dancing was fantastic and we really enjoyed sharing everything we had learned in our parent assembly.

We hope you liked the tzatziki dip we made for you?

Ancient Greek Day - Tuesday 23rd October 2018. Look out for the correspondence details! 

Parts of our body in Spanish! Can you guess which song we are singing?

Welcome to Year 4.

If you were unable to attend the Year 4 Parent Welcome Meeting, please find below the relevant information shared during the session.