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Year 4 Archive: 2017-2018

Home learning Rota


Monday: Online Mathletics task due in the following Monday

Tuesday: Independent reading and learn spellings (on going)

Wednesday: Topic or English due in the following Monday

Thursday: Independent reading and learn spellings (on going)

Friday: Spellings are handed out (tested the following Friday)

             Times table focus (on going)

             Reading comprehension homework (set every two weeks)

             Children have one week to complete and hand back 


Welcome to the last half term!

We had a fantastic time at Lineham Farm!

Let's get converting!

Children worked in pairs to solve problems based on days, weeks, months and years.



Children have been learning all about control in their ICT lessons focusing on algorithms and debugging. They transferred these skills back into the classroom trying to get the Probot cars to draw  particular shapes.


Year 4 have found the pulse and rhythm using glockenspiels to the song, Blackbird written by the Beatles.

A huge well done to Year 4 for taking part in our first ever skipping competition. They performed their socks off and we won a gold certificate in our skipping dance.

Sutton Hoo drama


Before half term, we were very lucky to have another drama with John Mee. We finally found the treasure at Sutton Hoo.

Welcome to the Summer term!


This half term, Year 4 will continue to learn about the Anglo-Saxons because there's still so many fun facts to learn. We're going to be learning about the amazing discovery at Sutton Hoo using lots of different drama techniques and then writing about them. We'll put on our stories on here so watch this space. 

We've nearly finished our fraction unit of work in maths so we'll be moving on to decimals, time and money. Year 4 will be designing Anglo-Saxon shields, improving their skipping skills, completing more coding activities in ICT and so much more!


On 23rd May, Year 4 will be taking part in their first skipping Competition at Trinity University. More details will follow nearer the time.



Land art all about the Tour de Yorkshire

Sutton Hoo drama

We've been learning about the story of Sutton Hoo through drama. So far, we've met Edith Pretty, Basil Brown and started to dig one of the smaller mounds on the land. 

Unfortunately, in 1938, we were unsuccessful and didn't find any treasure. However in 1938, Basil Brown and his team decided to explore the largest mound on site and guess what, they found treasure!


Year 4 reenacted this scene and absolutely loved finding treasure. Hopefully our drama sessions will help us to write super pieces of descriptive writing.

We made Sutton Hoo treasure! 

It's Stick Week!

This week, our learning has involved lots of sticks. Yesterday, we went into the nature conversation area and collected a stick and ten objects of interest. We need used string to attach them together to make a magical staff or wand.

Stick and Stone

We read the story 'Stick and Stone' and then created a comic strip about a new adventure.

Art with Sticks

We created stick men with sticks. We have stick men/women who dance, weight lift, play football and even fly!

Anglo-Saxon Time Travellers


Year 4 had a great day at Temple Newsam finding out all about what it was like in Anglo-Saxon times. We learnt many things such as:


  • What their daily lives were like
  • How to make bread
  • Listened to traditional story
  • How to fight in battle with a shield and sword

Design and Technology


This week, Year 4 have started to make their Anglo-Saxon houses.  They've followed their plans as best as they could and next we'll begin improving their structures.

Story Planning


We've began to plan stories based on our drama workshop.  We need to plan an adventure for Rosie to go on in order to find out who she is!

Our Drama workshop


On Friday 9th March, Year 4 took part in a piece of drama which they thoroughly enjoyed!  We now intend to use the drama to write some fantastic pieces of fiction and non-fiction. Watch this space!

Our Skipping Workshop


On May 23rd, Year 4 will be competing in a skipping competition and today has the chance to practise some of the skills. Some of the skills included were:

  • criss cross
  • pretzel
  • speed bounce
  • double bounce
  • side sway


Who knew skipping could be so difficult! 

Fractions, fractions and more fractions

This week, Year 4 have been representing fractions in different ways such as: bar model , number line, words, digits and diagrams. We've even used practical resources to represent fractions.

Shrove Tuesday and Maths

Today, Year 4 have been learning all about coordinates. Here's a great game they can do at home!

P.E Days

After half term, children will need to bring their swimming kits on a Wednesday and P.E kit on a Friday

Useful Websites

If you put the following into Google, then there's lots of useful websites with fun facts, games and much more to help you with your learning!

Hit the Button – Maths

Top Marks

BBC Bitesize – Anglo Saxons

Anglo Saxons – The School Run

Maths Zone


Holiday Project

Next half term, in our Design and Technology lessons, children will be making their very own Viking/Anglo-Saxon house.  I would like children collect the materials and equipment they intend and bring them into school on Monday 19th February. 


Open the following document with more information about the Viking longhouses


This week, children have been learning all about coordinates and to finish the unit of work, they played coordinate battleships.  They had a great time and one child said,


"Is this maths? This is fun!"


Another child said, "Your ship is going down!" 


Year 4 are very competitive.