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Year 4 Archive: 2015-2016

It's the last half term

Euro 2016 Maths

Today, children have worked in pairs to find out:

Which country's fans have the longest travel times?

They thoroughly enjoyed the task!

Plural or Possessive?

Year 4 played a game today deciding if the sentences indicated possession or just showed plural nouns.

They then used this skills to create their own sentences.

Mini-beast Hunt


In science, our topic is all about animals and their habitats.  Today, we went into the nature conversation area and found different mini-beasts.  We then found their habitat and described its conditions. They had lots of fun!

Should animals be kept in zoos?


We completed a drama 'Conscience Alley' using for and against arguments.  There were many debates and arguments but after lots of consideration, I decided the 'against' group won their case.

Puzzles, puzzles and more puzzles


In maths this week, children have been busy solving different number puzzles.  They really enjoyed the tasks but some did get a little frustrated because they were so challenging!


Well done Year 4

Investors in Pupils

Year 4 getting creative in the great outdoors!

Welcome to the Summer term!

It has come round so quickly but we're now in the Summer term and it's the most exciting term yet! Year 4 are going to Whitby on Tuesday 10th May - Wednesday 11th May.  


A meeting will be held on Tuesday 19th April to discuss the trip.


Regarding sport, there will be no swimming first week back and will start again the following week.  We're very lucky to have Mr Davies this half term teaching our P.E, however, this will be on a Wednesday rather than a Friday.  Therefore, children will need to bring their P.E kit and swimming kit on a Wednesday.


Take a look at a brief summary of topics taught this half term


Science: Teeth (including humans and animals)

Geography: Contrasting localities, maps, physical and human features

English: Persuasive writing, stories from another culture

Art: Sepia photography (Sutcliffe)

Maths: Everything

R.E: Words of wisdom that guide us

P.E Swimming and gymnastics

SEAL: Relationships

ICT: Presentation/Databases

French: Food (likes/dislikes)







Reach for the stars in the Stardome!

Space Week

Welcome to Space Week, we've done so many exciting activities already and so much more planned for the rest of the week.  Today, children completed lots of dexterity activities to show them what it is like for astronauts in space .  They used large gloves to make jigsaws, competed in a ruler reaction test and even made an origami Easter bunny with one hand! They thoroughly enjoyed the activities and commented on how difficult some of them were.


Space Dinner Challenge


Year 4 were given the challenge of creating a menu for Tim Peake whilst he's out in space.  We learnt that the astronauts need around 6000 calories per day, the children couldn't believe this!  They were given a list of food items they could choose and then in pairs, they've began to create their menu.  At the moment, children are finding it very difficult to reach 6000 calories. They're going to try again tomorrow.

Space Week - day 2

Year 4 took part in a space workshop focusing on movement and drama.  They used their creativity to imagine what it was like as an astronaut in outer space.  They thoroughly enjoyed themselves and worked well together in pairs.  Well done Year 4!

Welcome to our Spring 2!

This half term, children will be continuing to learn about the Vikings and Anglo-Saxons and we've already started to learn more about the story of Beowulf - it's quite scary but the children love it!


The children have written some super setting descriptions already- they've tried very hard to use vocabulary to create tension such as: eerie, frightening, mysterious etc


In our next open classroom, parents, feel free to come and read some of them!




This half term, our SEAL topic is, 'Good to be me'.  Every Tuesday we take part in whole class discussions about how we can achieve this goal! Here are some of the objectives we cover:

  • I can stop and think when I'm angry
  • I respond to difficult situations in an assertive way
  • I can do one thing that makes me proud and that makes others proud of me
  • I can help someone with a worry


Can sound travel through a solid?

Today, children made 'telephones' and tested them to see if sound could travel through a solid.  At the end of the lesson, I asked them this question and they all replied, "Yes!"

What can you hear?

This half term, in Science, children are learning all about sound! They completed mini observations using tuning forks, drums, rice and even themselves! This week, children have learn that sound is caused by VIBRATIONS.

Year 4 love their new reading area!

Welcome to a very busy and exciting Spring half term!

Over the next half term, Year 4 will be learning all about the Vikings and Anglo-Saxons! We're even going on a trip where we will spend the whole day as a Viking! Look out for photographs at the beginning of February.

Our Problem Solving Morning


Today, parents were invited into class to take part in a maths problem solving morning!  They were able to observe some of the strategies and techniques we normally show the children when carrying out these sorts of activities.  Both parents and children had a great time - they listened to their partners when discussing the problems and they never gave up! 

Well done Year 4!

What a FANTASTIC day at Murton Park!


Year 4 have had the most memorable school trip - they have thoroughly enjoyed spending the day as Vikings! We even put our School Govenor in the stocks and threw water at him - all for fun of course! The pictures speak for themselves so enjoy the slide show!

It's all about the Vikings!


This week, we've began researching lots of information about the Vikings with the aim of writing a non-chronological report.  In the pictures below, children were able to choose topics their interested in and then make notes to plan their non-chronological report.

Welcome to the School Shop!

Tag Rugby!

This half term, Year 4 are very lucky to be taught by a Leeds Rhinos coach improving their skills and techniques in rugby.  Children are thoroughly enjoying the sessions and I'm learning lots too!

It's Electric!

This week, children have become scientists by predicting and testing electric circuits - we even began learning some of the electric symbols!

Fraction, fractions and even more fractions!

Over the past two weeks, Year 4 have been very busy trying to improve their fraction knowledge.  We focused on unit fraction, equivalent fractions, adding and subtracting fractions and we've even tried to solve different fraction problems! 

Imaginary Worlds!

In our English lessons, children have been busy retelling oral stories using images of different settings! They listened really carefully to their partners' stories and next week they're going to use their plans to write their own stories!

Erupting Volcanoes!

As part of our D.T project, Year 4 have been working in groups to design and make a volcano.  Have a look at some of our fantastic designs. Next week, we're going to try and make the volcanoes erupt!


Time, time and more time!

This week Year 4 have been trying to get better at telling the time. At first, they found it quite difficult but they're now getting better!  We used the laptops to play many interactive games to improve telling the time, some children even began changing 12 hour to 24 hour and vice versa!

All the games we played are free on the internet so you can play at home! Here is a list of games you could play, perhaps you could challenge your Mum or Dad, brother or sister?

  • Bang on time
  • Stop the clock
  • Time dominoes
  • Top Marks

Would you like to buy a hot chocolate reindeer?

The Christmas Fayre is rapidly approaching and Year 4 have been busy making their gifts to sell on their stall! We made our gifts verbally saying the instructions ensuring they were in chronological order.  After that, we neatly wrote a set of instructions adding in the necessary key features.  We have only 30 so if you'd like to buy one, get to our stall quickly!


As it's nearly Christmas, we've began to focus on stories set in imaginary worlds and we've chosen to explore Narnia! So far, we've written some super character and setting descriptions.  Also, we know what adverbial phrases are because last week, we completed lots of activities to help us remember! Have a look below to see what we've done!

Maths Madness!

Year 4 have been really busy during our shape and measure week!

Some children went on a 3D shape hunt and even made their own 3D robots naming the shapes and giving their properties!


We even went outside in the cold and pretended to coordinates! We had our own coordinates to read and then plot them in the correct place! We then came back inside and plotted characters onto a Narnia map! I think Year 4 are now really confident with coordinates!

Violent Volcanoes

Our topic this half term is all about volcanoes and we've been very busy completing lots of exciting activities!  We've written volcano non-chronological reports, volcano shape poems and produced a volcano fact file! This week, we have began planning in groups how to make a 3D volcano.  Also, we have used our imagination and creativity to draw our own volcanoes. Take a look at some of the exciting things we've been up to so far in our topic! 



Before half term, Year 4 had an exciting trip to Yorkshire Sculpture Park to celebrate our Yorkshire week! We had a fantastic time learning about the different sculptures, sketching a huge totem pole and even making our own sculptures.  As well as art, design and technology and geography, we even had lots of science opportunities such as: 

  • Identifying different rocks like marble, granite and stone
  • Understanding the importance of reusing materials to improve our environment.


Have a look below at our 'Adel Sculpture Park'.

Yorkshire Week (19.10.15)

All this week, we're completing lots of activities based on all things Yorkshire!

Today we've been identifying key features of leaflets using attraction from all around Yorkshire.  Watch this space for more exciting activities!

Our Greek Day

This half term, our topic is all about Ancient Greek and we had a fantastic day taking part in many activities linked to the topic.  Here's a sample of things we did:

  • Ancient Greek shield painting
  • Greek maths
  • Greek language learning
  • Greek food challenge
  • And many more!

At the end of the day, we took part in a class assembly and had a great time! Thanks to all adults who attended and being great sports at taking part in the Greek dancing!


Year 4 did extremely well and I'm very proud of them, take a look at the photographs and see how much fun we had!


Greek food tasting challenge!

It's all Greek to me!

Greek Assembly!

Greek dancing!

Arrays, arrays and more arrays!

Investors in Pupils


At the beginning of September, Year 4 thought very carefully about their class target and they decided it was important to keep the classroom tidy.  We had a very interesting discussion about how long the target should last for and what their reward could be.  After lots of great suggestions, they decided they wanted a 'Movie Hour' with popcorn and a drink.  They thoroughly deserved their treat and we are now looking forward to making another class target!


Well done Year 4 and keep up the great work!

Last week, Year 4 were very busy trying to improve their ball skills in our P.E lesson!
This half term, Year 4 will be learning all about the digestive system! This week, we had lots of fun by trying to find the organ and putting it in its correct position! 

Here is Year 4's home learning time table for the year!

Year 4


Handed out

Due Day


Reading/Times Table Awards

See rota





Reading/Times Table Awards

See rota


English or Topic






P.E Notices

Children will need to bring their swimming kit on Wednesdays and P.E on Fridays.