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Year 4

Welcome to Year 4.

It is fabulous to have you all back! 

If you are having to self-isolate or work from home for any reason, use these resources for the first few days. Miss Saxton will then be in touch regarding with subsequent days' work. 


We sold our DT project, Waffletastic Delights (healthier fruit waffles), for Enterprise Day. They proved to be very popular and we enjoyed making them!

Healthy Week - Sound journey around school. We used the sounds we heard to use onomatopoeia to present our findings on an aerial map of the school grounds.

Healthy Week - First Aid role play

Can we place significant events in chronological order?

What are the geographical features of Heimaey?

Would you rather be a Greek architect or an Olympic athlete?

Evaporation - We carried out a fair, comparative test and observed what happened over time.

Our fair test to investigate the melting points of different solids. We melted ice, butter and chocolate.

We were all really impressed with our clay dragon eyes!

Our virtual dance session.

On our return to school we have decided our new whole class target is going to be ' To have a sensible lunchtime and be ready when the teacher arrives.'

We have decided to achieve this 5x and we have democratically voted on the reward.- film

We are immensely proud of the songs we can play on the guitar with Mr Tong.

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Still image for this video

Practicing the cricket skills - did we mention we won!

DT - Do you like our moving pictures? We explored different lever mechanisms, decided which mechanism we wanted to use in our design then created the final piece to correspond with the design brief.

YAY - Well done Year. We have achieved our whole class target 'To come in from break quietly and sensibly showing we are ready to learn.' smiley

Sid the Snowman was a real 'hit' with the children! We are bringing him back this Friday for lots more shots :)

In History we realised that only adult Athenian males were allowed to vote! We also discovered how significant Alexander the Great was in building the largest empire in History.

We are fabulous guitarists!

Year 4 went Pedestrian Training

Active learning - using our weekly spellings

Acid really does damage your teeth! Toothpaste really helps to protect your enamel from the acid - take a look at the results.

Jerusalema Dance

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We learned the basic routine to Jerusalema, with a focus on synchronisation and timing to the the music.
Then we used jumping and hopping skills from REAL PE to work socially as a group to develop the routine using our own ideas.

Jerusalema Group 2

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Jerusalema Group 3

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Jerusalema Group 4

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Jerusalema Group 5

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Jerusalema Group 6

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Which countries can we locate in Europe?

Black History Month Drama re-enacting the reaction towards the Windrush generation

Hello Yellow Day!

What can we deduce and speculate about the Ancient Greeks from evidence on pottery?

Hello Yellow Activities

2.10.20 Homework

1. PurpleMash - Complete the rounding to 100 activity. 

Have a go at also rounding numbers to 10, 100 and 1000.

2. Greece - What human and physical features can you find out about? Do any of them create tourism for Greece? Why do you think people want to visit these landmarks?

Create a poster or factfile to share your knowledge. Due in 16.10.20.


Year 4 homework this week are two place value activities that have been set on PurpleMash. 

We have been busy deciding the best possible classroom vision and promises for our year ahead in year 4 so that we can be the best learners we possibly can be. 

Our whole class target is...

‘To enter the classroom quietly and sensibly showing we are ready to learn.’

We have all chosen our own individual targets too. What do you need to do to achieve yours? 

Mrs Outram teaches every Thursday morning. She specialises in Music and Spanish.

PE days are Wednesday morning and Thursday afternoon. 
Usually, swimming takes place on Wednesday although we are waiting for further guidance for when this will resume. 


  • Daily reading
  • Spellings (sent half termly and checked on Fridays
  • Mathletics set on alternate weeks

Homework will be shared with you via our new online learning platform (more information on its way). 

Enquiry to learning in Autumn

Would you like to have lived in Ancient Greece?