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Year 4

Year 4 Residential

Completing a simple electrical circuit

Measuring the perimeter of real life places

Democracy in Ancient Greece! What an unfair process that was!

Exploring, designing and making a shell structure to hold Hestia's honey cakes

Using the eight points of a compass to map a route across Europe

Today we printed our 'Beasts of Olympus' mythical creature designs. They look fantastic

Active learning - multiplication tennis!

Our class School Councillors sold the Children in Need wristbands to the rest of the school.

We shared our homework about Greeks gods to the class.

Today we had a great time working as a team to create a piece of music on a special music app introduced to us by Ben.

Ipads are very handy when you want to research more historical facts about Ancient Greece. This time we compared the similarities and differences of school life in Athens and Sparta with our own today.

Information for Parents Aut 2

Well done to all the children who shared their manifestos to become members of the action teams in school. A democratic vote has taken place and the new class representatives have been elected.

What have we learned about our digestive system?

A fabulous discussion about Greece and its surrounding areas

Infering about Ancient Greek artefacts

PE - Wednesday swimming

        Thursday afternoon

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