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Year 3

A big welcome to Year 3 from Mrs   Thompson and Mrs Arnott

Parents Information Session

P.E Days

Year 3 will need to bring their P.E kits on a Thursday and Friday 

Year 3 and 4 Statutory word list

VIPERS Reading help

Stone Age Topic Homework

Spring 2 is here!

Year 3 have started their new fractions topic. We've began by using different manipulatives to show unit and non-unit fractions

Year 3 have been practicing their Spanish asking for fruit at the shop!

Hello to Spring 1

We've started reading 'Secrets of a sun god' and the children love it! We read a section this week about an Egyptian canopic jar. From the description, children drew it and wrote a description about it. They produced some excellent work using ambitious vocabulary.

Year 3 took charge of their own learning during a rainy lunch time and recapped on the continents and oceans of the world by completing a large jigsaw puzzle.

      Chronological Understanding

To begin our Ancient Egyptian topic, children were put into small groups and given times of history based on their prior learning (i.e. Stone Age, Great Fire of London, Florence Nightingale). They had to work in a team to order the eras correctly in chronological order. 

We will do this again at the end of the half term to see if they've retained their knowledge. 

Printing in Art



Year 3 have had a very busy couple of weeks with Mrs Thompson starting our new measurement topic in Maths. We've been measuring lots of different things both inside and outside. Year 3 have also been converting centimetres to millimetres and metres to centimetres. We also played a game of bingo where they had to be the bingo master and convert the measurements!

Welcome to Autumn 2

Year 3 headed outside today to find physical and human features in our local area.

Numeros Espanol! We had such fun learning our numbers 1 - 20 playing bingo. Joshua was our bingo caller!



One of Year 3's learning objective this half term is to try some weaving! Look how fantastic they're looking already.! This required a lot of patience and not to give up!

Physical and Human Features


Year 3 have been learning all about physical and human features. They know physical features are natural and human features are man-made. We know that Adel Church is a human feature and Adel Beck is a physical feature. We then used an atlas to find where some other well known features were i.e. Ben Nevis and the Humber bridge.

Year 3 are learning about fronted adverbials. We know they answer where, when and how. Our next next is to include them in our writing.

Children used an interactive game today to locate counties in great Britain. They absolutely loved it!

Look at our purses! I've been amazed by Year 3's resilience and patience making our 2-D to 3-D products!

Today we were lucky to have a visit from our class governor, Mrs Morgan. We learnt lots about Mrs Morgan's roles and responsibilities.

Year 3 have been using the website 'Spelling Frame' to help spell words correctly!

Year 3 were extremely lucky to have a music workshop and I think we might have some budding DJs at Adel Primary School! They worked really well together to produce a piece of music focusing on tension and release.

We had a ten minute session today where we read for pleasure; it was bliss! We're really enjoying our new books in class such as 'The Iron Man' and 'The Queen's nose'.

Online Safety Blog!

Geography Skills

In Year 3, we are learning to use an atlas correctly. Today our task was to find cities in England. We tried our best and will continue to improve!

Year 3 performed a Stone Age poem today in groups. They plan to write their own and then perform it!

Year 3 have started their Design and Technology topic of making an Iron Age purse. Their first job today was to use the internet to gather ideas and then pick a design they'd like to make. Watch this space for the finished products.

We have started to make our purses!

Welcome to Autumn 1

Growth Mindset

Year 3 have been busy already first week back focusing on growth mindset. They were asked to make an origami butterfly by themselves. They came across many challenges and at times found it quite difficult but they did not give up! They kept trying and learnt that it's good to make mistakes because they can learn from them. 

They helped each other and were very resilient - what a  great start to the new year!

Stone Age Painting

Active Learning

Children in Year 3 have been using different resources to partition hundreds, tens and ones.

Look at our Stonehenge models made out of clay!

We've used Base 10 to add and subtract 10 and 100

Sentence Openers

In Year 3, children have been learning to use different openers to start sentences. We've based our sentences on the book, 'Stig of the Dump'. They created some fantastic sentences!

How did Neolithic farmers live?

Children have been learning all about the Stone Age this week and answering lots of different enquiry questions. They are now able to compare hunter-gatherers to farmers.