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Year 3 Archive: 2017-2018

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In addition to this table, the children may change their class reading book whenever they wish, they just have to remember! I will send the Comprehension book home in line with the timetable already issued and it should be returned one week later.

Please do ask if anything is unclear.

Pupil Promise

Class Vision

Teacher Promise

Summer 2

Welcome back to our final term together!

Our History focus is The Romans and I am currently trying to organise a visit to Leeds City Museum or to have a Roman expert visit us in school. 

We have been invited to an exciting morning in Leeds Town Hall on 12th June as part of a music initiative. The event is called 'Piano Fantasia' and I will send more details as they are released.

I did send this half term curriculum focus with the children but was asked for further Fractions information so that adult support could be given. Please find below and thank you for bringing this to my notice.

Week beginning 18.06.18 is incredibly busy and so I have attached a newsletter for your information.

Ukellel Performance

We had and exciting and enjoyable performing at the Town Hall with 470 Year 3 children.

York Gate Garden

As part of our Growing Plants topic, we visited York Gate Garden during a beautifully hot day! Whilst we were there we made a Grasshead, a sandwich from the Kitchen Garden vegetables, identified flowers in the Meadow Garden, found our way out of the Pavement Maze and looked at the shapes and angles in the pathways.

It was a super day and many thanks to everyone at York Gate Garden for giving us such a warm welcome.

Spring 2

Welcome back to an exciting half term when we will be finding out about ' Human and Animal Bones and Skeletons'. If there are any Doctors or Surgeons who might like to come into school for an informal chat, to share their knowledge, please find me.


Our writing genre is 'Instructions' and our book focus will be the 'Funnybones' series.

We had lots of fun using imperative (bossy) verbs to instruct our partners in making a Funnybones mask.


The Hama!



Still image for this video


Fractions with Food

The children are quickly learning that they would prefer 2/5 rather than 2/6 of an amount, especially is that amount is a doughnut or M & Ms!


John and Lou spent an exicting and adventurous morning with us!

The session began in the classroom when we looked at an interesting rock and thought how it might be used in the story. We then went into the Hall and explored the story of 'The Woman at the Top of the Mountain'.


World Book Day !



Our Learning Objective for the next two weeks is 'Statistics'. We are interpreting and recording our own data on Pictogams, Bar Charts and Tables.


Our topic this half term is Light and we enjoyed an exiciting Light investagtion day. 

We considered Mirror Messages, Travelling Light, Light and Dark, Choosing Material. At the end of the day the children wrote down new facts which they didn't know before.

Archeology Day 

We had such an exciting time today! 

Following information from Nursery, we went to find Stone Age pottery in the digging area. We wore plastic gloves to protect the pottery and  soft brushes to clean off mud and leaves. 

The trickiest part was assembling the pottery into a recognisable shape and picture.

Mr Kyrover - The Rock Man

Mr Kyrover , from The Leeds Discovery Centre came to talk to us about fossils and stones. It was a fascinating morning where the children were able to use their knowledge acquired from the Rocks and Soils workshop at Meanwood Valley Urban Farm.

This is the information given during our class presentation


A huge , "Thank you!" to our patient helpers for giving up their time to support us in our first attempt at weaving. We had a very enjoyable afternoon and every child has a piece of weaving of which to be proud.

Meanwood Valley Urban Farm

We enjoyed a very busy and informative day at the farm. During the morning we investigated the properties of soil and discussed which, from our samples, would prove the most successful for growing plants.

We had a very noisy lunch, explored the farm and ran all over the playground.

The afternoon activities were equally challenging. We made soil and then drew diagrams with  labels. 

Finally the coach arrived to take us back to school and we arrived just as the bell rang.

Stone Age Morning

Year 3 enjoyed an exciting morning of Stone Age activities. They discovered the foods eaten during the Stone Age, clothing, tools, shelter and that pets were kept. 

Some of the children enjoyed painting a rock using mud, sand, leaves and twigs - some didn't!