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Year 3 Archive: 2016-2017

Spring 1

Welcome back to the Spring term!

Many thanks for your very generous Christmas presents, my love of chocolate has been satisfied and I am now 'looking forward' to many hours of exercise!

Our topic is LIGHT, why dont you pop into the classroom and look at our exciting light displays. Many thanks to Harry for the disco ball which has added a third dimension.

The Trim Trail is open

At 9:30 am the Trim Trail was opened by cutting a red ribbon!

Each class had an alocated time to explore the new equipment, just look at the fun we had.


Year 3 Class Assembly

Many thanks to all the adults who came to watch our assembly. We had a think about the similarities and differences between KS1 and KS2. Thankfully we decided that there are lots and lots of good things about Year 3!


The children had to find the information to answer:

*describe a cave man's clothes

*list six foods eaten by a cave man

*describe two stone age tools

*describe three types of shelter

*name two pets kept by a cave man

Adventure Stories

We have begun exploring the genre of Adventure stories by looking at a story called 'Head First' which is set in Bali.  The children then were asked to role play the main characters of Lily and Jack.


First of all the children text marked the story to identify when they would be speaking.


The children had time to practise thinking about how their character's feelings, thoughts and actions.
Finally the children performed to the class amid great excitement and some nerves!

Visiting Author

We were very happy to invite the author Stephen Pass into our classroom on Monday. He read from his book 'Madge the Mermaid' and explained his process for writing.

The children loved the stories and the extra poems which we were not expecting!


I will begin sending homework from 12.09.16.

Each group will have a homework day when I will give out activities in a yellow homework book. This will be alternative maths and literacy challenges with an additional  reading target. The challenges will follow the current learning objective. The yellow homework book should be returned the following week so that I can mark it and give the next challenge.

The timetable below should prove useful. 


Illumination & Opaque







All groups:

Spelling Test






All groups:

SPaG activity