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Year 3 Archive: 2015-2016

Welcome to Year 3 !

Investors in Pupils



Congratulations to Year 2, 98% and home to Barney Bear for a week!

Well done to us, 95% can we raise our attendence this week?

Star Pupils

Very well done to Joel and Nivan! 

These creative boys wrote the most imginative stories, filled with expanded noun phrases. A joy for the class to read.

Summer 2

Welcome to back to our final half term together!

Our topic will be :


Mrs Outram will lead the children in an exciting exploration in the world of gravity, force and friction!


This half term is:        'Good to be Me'

Our Circle Time is usually the last hour on Monday and with the help of Jean Paul, we will be discussing the following:

* I can help someone with a worry

*I can stop and think when I am angry

* I can do one thing which makes me proud and one of which others are proud of me

* I can respond to difficult situations in an assertive way


A huge thank you to Amogh's mum for telling us all about the Human Skeleton

Space Week:

Space Week began in Year 3 by training to be an astronaut.

We tested our hand-eye co-ordination, dexterity and agility. The challenges were tricky but great fun!


English and DT

We have enjoyed writing Instructions. We love imperative verbs and can become quite bossy at times!

Our Reading focus is 'Funnybones' which is also reflected in our new Reading Area.


Instructional Writing

We enjoyed a very busy DT lesson when we made our own moving Funnybones. Whilst we were making the skeletons we wrote our Instructions.

Tennis Coaching with Mr Davies

Planning how to present the data

Interview with our Chair of Governors

As part of our Investors in Pupils challenges, we invited Billy Flynn into our classroom to answer lots of questions. He said that he would answer anything we wanted to ask!

Here are some of the interesting facts we found out about Billy:

*he loves dark chocolate

*he used to run Marathons

*he supports Everton Football Club

*he is writing a book called 'The Spectacular'

Summer Term!

Our History focus is The Romans and our groups are named after Roman Gods. The children are enjoying exploring a variety of Myths & Legends.

On 18th May we are looking forward to a performance from the Blah Blah Blah Theatre Company. A Tale to Tell  celebrates the rich world of Arabic storytelling, blending spoken English and Arabic with exciting shadow play. This event has been funded entirely by school.

Maths: Position, Direction and Movement

We have had lots of fun directing our friends and teachers around the school.

We also found other exciting ways to learn direction and movement.


Beebots and Program Cars

Hungry Bears and Honey!


We have explored and created our own Calligrams.

This is a link to a website which we really enjoyed!

Homework Timetable

Monday Force & Friction


times tables/mathletics



literacy/numeracy/times tables/mathlectics

Spelling Test

Thursday Gravity


times tables/mathletics




All groups


times tables/mathletics