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Year 3 Archive: 2014-2015

Welcome to Year 3


Magnets is the topic for our final half term!

We are investigating:

*what is a magnetic force?

*how would fridge magnets help a mouse steal the cheese on the top of the fridge?

*which is the most powerful magnet in school?


We are using 'The Lion King' as our visual text for Adventure Stories with Dilemmas!

Should Simba go into the Elephant Graveyard? Was Simba responsible for Mufasa's death?
We will use 'The Lion King 2' for our Persuasive Writing:

Why should Simba let his young daughter go hunting alone when he knows the dangers out there? 

Just one of the many arguments we will try to win by persuasion.



Statistics, especially Data Handling will be very useful for taking the opinions of the class before deciding which persuasive arguments are important to us! We will continue with measurements ( length, capacity, perimeter and area) and investigating real life money problems.



Mrs Stead will be looking at the Rainforest and comparing it to the African Savannah. Lots of exciting investigation and art work to look forward to.

The Lion King Adventure Stories drafts

Persuasive Writing

We wondered what would happen is the Pride Lands ran out of food! How would Simba persuade his Pride to relocate?

We decided that the Pride would need Shelter, Food, Drink and the Pride. We used our new laptops to research this criterion and thereby find the perfect home for Simba and his family.

Can you guess where we would persuade Simba to live?

Data Handling

We enjoyed played the magnetic game 'Fish' because it helped us with our Data Handling!

We had 20 goes at 'attracting' the fish and then recorded our catches in Tally Charts, Pictograms and Bar Charts.

We are going to try to make our own magnetic Lion King game - watch this space!

Magnetic Lion King Game

Languages Week

A BIG shokran to Omar's mummy who came into school to teach us Arabic!

We learnt to say our name, our favourite food and Arabic numbers. At the end of the session Omar's mummy gave us our names written in Arabic and some chocolate!


Year 3 Homework, PE & Music Timetable

Monday Gravity & Magnets  
Tuesday   PE - Tennis with Luke our coach
Wednesday Forces

Spelling Test


Thursday Friction PE - Rounders
Friday Poles Whole class new spellings


*Sometimes there will be topic homework or whole school homework which will be given out on Friday.

Every second week, on their homework day, the children will have a Times Table Test. If they are successful a new Times Table will be stuck into their yellow homework book and they will stand up for applause during Celebration Assembly.