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Year 3

Welcome to Year 3 from Mrs Thompson and Mrs Arnott

Who works in our classroom?

Mrs Arnott

Mrs Thompson

Mrs Smith

Mrs Cairns

P.E days are Thursday and Friday

Year 3 Presentation


If you are having to self-isolate or work from home for any reason, use these resources for the first few days. The class teacher will then be in touch with subsequent days' work.

Our class target is..

To not talk when someone else is speaking.

Useful spelling documents

Year 2 common exception words

Year 2 Spelling list

Year 3/4 Spelling list

This term, we're going to learning all about the Stone Age, Bronze Age.  We will be using an enquiry question to help us learn as much as we can.


Would you have preferred to have lived in the Stone Age, Bronze Age or Iron Age?

Take a look at Year 3's fantastic collages inspired by Stone Age fires!

Geography - Year 3 are recapping on naming the countries of the UK, capital cities and the surrounding seas. We decided to do this by using the nature conservation area and using natural objects, we made the UK! This really helped them visualise the map of the British Isles!

Year 3 have been using different sources to find out what life was like for hunter-gatherers and farmers in the Stone Age.

Year 3 begun their Stone Age topic but using toilet paper (yes, toilet paper) to understand just how long ago Stone Age people came to Britain. This really helped them to understand just how ago it really was!

Children have been using sticks to count forwards and backwards in the Nature Conversation Area!

Active Learning - Mrs Thompson shouted out either and adjective or noun and children had to jump either to the left or right to show their understanding of different word classes.

It has been a busy week for Year 3!

Year 3 spent time in the Nature Conservation Area collecting sticks and other natural objects to spell their name. They really enjoyed this activity!

Computing - Year 3 tested out Scratch Junior to practise their coding skills!

Year 3 have been using different manipulatives to represent two and three-digit numbers. They did so well and even compared three-digit numbers using < and >.

Year 3 have been recapping on nouns and adjectives. They sorted the words into the correct columns and then went outside to play an active word class game.