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Year 2 Archive: 2017-2018

Welcome to Year 2 

Summer 1 


This half term, our topic is 'The Enchanted Woodland'. This topic is inspired by the novel 'The Magic Faraway Tree' by Enid Blyton. 


Attached below is the Summer 1 newsletter. You will find more information about what we will be doing this half term in the newsletter. 


Homework Reminder: 


  •  All reading books are changed when children finish reading them. If your child puts their finished book in the blue box, it will be changed. 
  •     Maths homework is sent home on a Friday and collected in the following Friday. 
  •    Spellings are sent home on a Monday and tested the following Monday. 
  •    Reading comprehension books are sent home on alternate Fridays and are to be collected in after one week. Here are the dates the reading comprehensions are sent out: 

         18th May

          8th June

         22nd June

          6th July

Important SATS dates this half term: 


Monday 14th May - Reading Paper 1 

Tuesday 15th May - Reading Paper 2 


Tuesday 22nd May - Maths Arithmetic Paper 

Wednesday 23rd May - Maths Reasoning Paper 

Skelton Grange - May 2018 


We had an excellent trip to Skelton Grange. We learnt all about habitats and minibeasts. Take a look at some of our photos. 

Skipping Festival - May 2018 


We have been training for our skipping competition for months and it finally arrived. We went to Leeds Trinity University to compete against 5 other schools. Chris was absolutely amazed by our improvements. Unfortunately we didn't win the competition but we did get LOADS of bronze, silver and gold certificates. 

World Book Day 2018 

Chronological Timeline 


Before we start to study the Great Fire of London, Miss Beverley thought it was best to think about history in chronological order. We looked at some events/people that we have studied in year 1 and year 2 and spoke about what we could remember about them. We then had all twelve pictures and had to put them in chronological order from the oldest person/event to the youngest person/event. We did this in groups and discussed why we thought the pictures should be ordered like this. We discussed as a class that paintings of people must come before pictures (black and white) because these must have been before the camera was invented. Miss Beverley took a look at some of the orderings and discussed our reasoning with us. Miss Beverley then gave the dates of the events to match up with the pictures. This was very difficult. Miss Beverley gave us a few clues throughout the lesson such as ‘The start of the First World War was only 100 years ago last year’. We then put the events together as a class and created a display.

Spring 2 


This half term our topic is 'The Great Fire of London'. 


Thank you to those of you who attended the KS1 SATs meeting on Tuesday 20th February. 


I have uploaded the powerpoint below. 

Comprehension morning 26.1.18


Thank you for all the parents who came to the comprehension morning on Friday. We loved having you in class. We were looking at the book 'The Tear Thief' and using our inference skills to guess who the character was, what she may do and why she acted the way she did. 

Here are some pictures. 



We are trying to encourage drama as much as possible throughout the curriculum. On Tuesday Miss Beverley disappeared and became Farmer Giles. She spoke about her problems at her farm and wanted to know if anyone else had any problems at their farms. We acted our problems/successes out and we are going to write a letter to Farmer Giles telling her about farm life over the past year. 


We then received a letter back from Farmer Giles and we found out that he had moved to Australia and bought a new farm with two cows. He sent us a video link and told us about an enormous turnip that wouldn't budge from the ground. We then wrote another letter back to him explaining how we would solve his problem. 

Year 2 Flex Dance

Still image for this video

Healthy Humans (Science) 


This half term we have already learnt about how to keep our bodies healthy. We studied the main three areas of living a healthy lifestyle: A balanced diet, exercise and good personal hygiene. We discussed these areas and did some experiments to test our knowledge. 

We then planned, drafted, edited and wrote a non-chronological report on 'being healthy'. Here are some of our drafts and our final pieces. 

Spring 1 


I hope you all had a lovely Christmas holidays. Thank you for some of the generous Christmas gifts.

This half term our topic is 'Healthy Humans'. To find out what we'll be learning about this half term, read the newsletter below. 



Our PE lessons are now on a Tuesday and a Friday 

Investors in Pupils 


We recently achieved our class target of 'being quiet in the cloakroom'. As our reward we watched a film and ate popcorn. We all brought a film in and voted upon the film that we would watch...just like we do when we vote for a prime minister! 


Our new class target is...

To make sure our tables are kept tidy.


It's a good job our table monitors are helping us with this target! 

Alive and Kicking visit 


We had a visit from John Mee at Alive and Kicking. He introduced us to some drama based on the story of Rapunzel. We all had great fun and enjoyed watching Miss Beverley act as well. 

Christmas Performance 


Thank you all for the wonderful Christmas performance 'Christmas with the Aliens'. 


Take a look at some of our pictures 

One World Week


This week year 2 will be learning all about Portugal. In class today, we learnt some facts about Portugal, looked at the flag and located where in the world Portugal was. Keep looking out our page for activities throughout the week. 

Welcome to Year 2

I hope you all had a lovely summer holiday and you're ready for school!

Our Year 2 welcome meeting is on Tuesday 12th September at 2.30pm. It would be brilliant if you could all attend. I will send out the powerpoint slides with the children if you missed it. 


I look forward to meeting you all.



Miss Beverley and Mrs Flesher

This half term our topic is 'Journeys and Explorers'. Have a look at our Long Term plan to see what we will be learning about this half term. 



This half term, our English book focus is Beegu. We have done alot of work on Beegu's feelings throughout the story. We are recording all of this on our working wall. Next week we will be creating a friend for Beegu and writing a character description. 

Take a look at some of our photos. 


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