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Year 2 Archive: 2016-2017

Year 2 trip to Harlow Carr 

Year 2 had a fantastic time visiting Harlow Carr on Thursday 13th July. We walked around the grounds and took our photo with the BFG. We then enjoyed our workshop 'Animal Detectives' and we got the chance to do some pond dipping and meadow sweeping.  Here are some of our photos. 

Year 2's Church Visit 


On Wednesday we went on a trip to Adel Church. Before, we had a huge celebration on the field and we made some popcakes to eat. We had great fun making these. In the afternoon we walked to the church and had a look around the christian place of worship. 

Summer 2 


This half term we are studying the Magic Faraway Tree. We have really enjoyed reading this book as a class and have loved answering inference and prediction questions on the book. 

In our English lessons, we decided to create our own chapters for a new book. We really enjoyed this. 

We have now decided that we will type up all of our chapters and create a new book. We all designed our own front cover and we voted for the one we thought would look best as the front cover for our book. Take a look at some of our pictures. 

Minibeast Visit 


On Monday 22nd May, Year 2 were visited by Michala from Lion Learners. She brought with her a variety of animals for us to hold and feel. She brought a tarantula, a corn snake, a giant African Land snail, a bearded dragon, a cockroach, a rabbit and a giant millipede. She taught us a lot about minibeasts and we had such a fun morning! Look at some of our pictures. 

Leeds Rhinos Takeover Day 


On Monday 15th May, we were visited by Jon and Ronnie the Rhino from Leeds Rhinos. In our school assembly we did a wake up shake up dance with Ronnie and created some fun rules for the day. In the afternoon, we had a session with Jon. It was very EXCITING! Look at our photos. 

Welcome to Year 2

I hope you all had a super Easter break. This term our topic is ‘Creepy Crawlies and Pleasant Plants’. This topic will run throughout all of our subjects in class. If you want to read more about what the children will be learning this half term, please read the newsletter attached below.


Important dates:


8th, 9th, 16th, 17th May Year 2 Quizzes

22nd May visit from Lion Learners with minibeasts 

Caterpillars (science)


In Year 2 we have been observing caterpillars. We watched them eat and grow up to ten times their size. We then observed them attach themselves to the top of the cup to form a chrysalis. We are now waiting for the caterpillars to emerge as butterflies. 

World Book Day 2.3.17 


We enjoyed dressing up as book characters for the day. Take a look at our class photo!

We also had fun taking part in the school's World Book Day Quiz and enjoyed guessing the books from the clues. 

Welcome to Year 2 

Spring 2

This half term our Topic is the Great Fire of London. Please read the Spring 2 Newsletter below to find out more about our learning this half term. 

I have also attached the KS1 assessment meeting powerpoint for those of you who could not attend.


Important dates

World Book Day Thursday 2nd March 

Parents Evening Thursday 9th March- Please book an appointment via parent mail. 


Spring 1 

Welcome back. This half term our topic is ‘Healthy Humans’. In class we will be focussing on healthy foods and what we can do to stay healthy. This topic will run throughout most of our subjects in class. In English we will be reading and writing Fairytales and writing instructions to make healthy pancakes. In maths we will be revisiting place value, addition and subtraction and multiplication and division. We will also begin to study fractions, time, measurement (capacity) and statistics e.g. block graphs and interpreting information. Our Geography, DT, Spanish and History lessons will be centred around our topic of Healthy Humans. Keep looking at our page to see some of our super work throughout the term! 


The Spring 1 newsletter is available below. As mentioned in the letter, there will be an assessment/SATs meeting on February 21st at 2.30pm. It would be brilliant if as many parents as possible could attend so I could answer all of your questions. 


Miss Beverley 

SPRING WEEK w/c 30.1.17

This week we have had a spring arts week. We have enjoyed lots of creative activities that have all been spring themed. On Tuesday a lady from Artis came in to teach us about the life cycle of a butterfly through dance and drama. In class we have been reading, performing and writing spring poetry, recreating Claude Monet's famous Spring paintings and making fruit smoothies using fruits that are in season in spring. We have had great fun! See some of our photos! 


We used atlases to find where different fruits and vegetables came from in the world. We discussed that we thought these countries would be around the equator as most fruits and vegetables need hot climates to grow. Our hypothesis was correct. We looked at fruit and vegetable labels to find their country of origin, located them in the atlas and then marked them on our world map. We then talked about seasonal fruits and vegetables in the UK and began to understand that even if a fruit/vegetable isn’t in season, we can still import it from different countries.

Reading Corner


We have revamped our reading corner and are currently waiting for our new tent to arrive! Miss Beverley and Mrs Flesher have displayed lots of different RIC (retrieve, interpret, choice) questions that we answer in our reading sessions. We have a new reading challenge area with non-fiction books about healthy eating. We can't wait to read them! Keep your eye out for photos of us enjoying reading in our space themed reading area. 

Athletics Festival- Farsley Celtic 

We participated in an Athletics Festival at Farsley Celtic. We really enjoyed ourselves and got the chance to compete against other schools. Look at our trendy new school kit!! 


This half term we are learning about wellbeing and friendship. We have discussed the meaning of PSHE and have acted out lots of scenarios in class. Our main learning objectives are: 


Learning about the importance of special people in their lives

Learning about making friends and who can help with friendships 

Learning about solving problems that might arise with friendships 



We have been practising multi-skills for an event that we are attending this half term. We have been trying the long jump, the javelin, throwing and speed bouncing. We found it extremely fun! 

Investors in Pupils 

This is our investors in pupils board. We are working hard to achieve our personal and class targets. We have enjoyed receiving our rewards and visiting the different continents on the way. 

Autumn 2 

This half term our topic is 'Islands and Explorers'. In geography we will be looking at and comparing Islands from around the world, studying famous explorers and learning more about the countries in the UK. In English we are studying the Katie Morag stories and we are already beginning to think about how we can write our own Katie Morag adventures. In maths we are focusing on multiplication, division, shape, money and addition and subtraction. Our science topic is materials. 



DT/English December 2016


As our Christmas craft this year, we made melted snowman biscuits. We enjoyed making them that much, we even made them TWICE! We followed the recipe as a class then we decorated them ourselves. After the lesson, we planned and wrote our instructions to make the biscuits. We included adverbs, conjunctions and adjectives. We then enjoyed reading our friends work and offering them advice. Take a look at some of our pictures! 

English Nov/Dec 2016


This is our English Writing Journey. We have really enjoyed our learning journey working towards our story 'Katie Morag and the Vicious Villain'. We created character profiles for our villain, wrote a character description, a setting description and then a beginning, problem and end. We all have some of our work on this board. Look at our super sentence stack! We created a whole story by using sentences from each others work. We have used similes, adjectives, adverbs, powerful verbs, questions and exclamations. WE ARE SUPER WRITERS! 

We've even enjoyed editing our stories and making them EVEN better!


Autumn 1 

We have had an excellent start to Year 2! We are enjoying learning about migration and we have already learnt how to add two 2-digit numbers!!! We are SUPER STARS! 

This half term our topic is migration. We will be learning about why animals migrate, what animals need to survive and animal habitats. As well as learning about migration in science lessons we will also be writing migration fact sheets in English lessons, presenting migration data in maths and locating the migration routes of different animals in geography. 



Thank you to those parents who attended the year 2 welcome meeting. I have sent the presentation slides home with the children and some useful resources. I hope this helps. 

Miss Beverley 


Information for parents 


Spellings: Spellings are every Monday. The children take the new spellings home on a Monday in their spelling book and bring their book to school with them the following Monday to do the test in. Please do not practise in the book.


Maths Homework: Maths homework in Year 2 consolidates the learning from the week. We no longer do the mental maths. This homework can be done independently but it would be nice if the children could explain to parents the methods we have learnt in maths.


Handwriting Homework: In year 2 we are really trying to improve our writing. This includes our handwriting/presentation. Handwriting homework will be sent home in a wallet on a Friday and a new one will be given each week. 


Reading Books: Reading books are changed every Monday and Thursday. School Library Service books are given on a Wednesday and are changed the following Wednesday. These books are additional books that are not specific to your child's reading level. 


PE: Our PE days are Wednesday and Friday. Please can you make sure that PE kits are in school at all times. 

Science October 2016


This half term in science we will be looking at habitats. This week we were lucky enough to be taught a lesson by Mrs Parkinson! We went in to the conservation area and identified different plants in the habitat. Have a look at some of our photos! 



This week in maths we have been learning about tally charts and block graphs. We began by putting the animals we knew migrated by land, air and sea in to a tally chart. We then presented this data in a block graph. In our next lesson we created a tally chart of the coloured cars in the car park. We then thought of our own tallys we could create and we asked children in our class. We have become super at this!! See some of our pictures below.

English w/b 26.9.16


In our English this week we read a story about migration. We then created a story map to help us retell the story. Next week we will be writing our own migration adventure stories! 

English w/b 19.9.16


In our English lesson this week we watched the video 'Soar'. We then used our imagination to create a new ending for the film. Our endings were even better than the real one!!! Some of us read our excellent stories.