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Year 2 Archive: 2015-2016

Welcome to Year 2!

Investors in Pupils 

Class target 


Year 2 have just achieved our class target. We voted to see what we wanted as our class treat and we decided to have a 'take over' morning. We were really excited about teaching other children in our class (and even the teachers!!). We planned what we wanted to teach and we had to tell Miss Beverley what we needed to teach our lessons (pictures, equipment e.t.c.). We even took over the class and dinner register! We learnt about dinosaurs, sharks and big cats. We were then taught PE by lots of our class members. Miss Beverley even learnt how to do a rainbow flick!!! We had an excellent day! Look at our fabulous pictures. 

Here is our new class target...

This is our investors in pupils board. As well as our class vision and school/class rules, We have chosen a class target and personal targets that we are working at to gain rewards. Investors in Pupils encourages us all to take responsibility for our own behavior and personal development. It also gives us a chance to voice our opinions on how we would like to be rewarded and how we can make year 2 a fun, respectful and engaging place to learn.

Attendance Winners!! 
This week (w/c 20th June), Year 2 were the attendance award winners so we have been visited by Bobby Bear. He has enjoyed being in our classroom and we have taught him the continents song. He now knows all 7 continents!!! 


This half term, our topic is Creepy Crawlies and Pleasant Plants. As well as learning about minibeasts and plants in science lessons, we will also be writing factsheets and stories on minibeasts, solving minibeast word problems in maths and drawing and designing minibeasts/plants in art! 


We have had some new guests in our classroom for this half term and we are just waiting for them to change in to butterflies...Can you guess which minibeasts we have in our classroom? 


In science lessons, we have been classifying minibeasts in to catagories/groups and we have also been looking at the different parts of a plant. As an experiment, Miss Beverley put some flowers in her cupboard and we looked at them a week later. They had died. We decided this was because plants need water and sunlight to grow/survive and we didn't give them any of these things in the cupboard. 

Year 2 enjoyed creating online safety leaflets as part of our topic this term.

Year 2 Multi-Skills Festival at Prince Henry's 


On April 25th, Year 2 took part in a Multi-skills festival at Prince Henry’s Grammar School. We were one of four schools to participate in this extremely fun event and we were all fantastic! We did lots of running, jumping, balancing and throwing and we even came second overall! All of Year 2 had a super time competing in this competition.

PE (Basketball) 


A specialist basketball coach from Leeds Becket came to teach us some basketball. We had such a fun time learning some of the basketball skills. Here are some of our pictures. 

Space Week w/c 21.3.16! 

In space week we were busy learning about space and using our imagination to design new planets and creatures. We learnt lots about being an astronaut and watched video clips of Tim Peake in space! We then thought of some questions we would like to ask him and wrote him a letter. In maths we solved space related word problems. Here are some pictures from our fantastic space themed drama session with Artis. 



This half term, our topic is 'The Great Fire of London'. Throughout the term we will be participating in lots of fun activities to learn about the Great Fire of London. The topic will be integrated in to history, english, science, maths, PE and geography lessons. 


We have already used our super researching skills to answer our own questions about the Great Fire of London. We used laptops and non-fiction books to search for information. We then wrote a recount about the Great Fire of London using a story map that we created as a class. See some of our fabulous recounts below.   


World Book Day 3/3/16


It was World Book Day on Thursday and we had an amazing day (in our PYJAMAS!) reading lot's of our favourite books and learning about new authors. We began the day by reading and sharing our favourite books that we had brought in from home. We then wrote book reviews to persuade others to read our books. In the afternoon we learnt about a famous Yorkshire author called Anthony Browne. We watched videos about him and read some of his most popular books including Gorilla, The Tunnel, Willy the Wimp and Willy the Champ. We then thought about some questions we would like to ask Anthony and we wrote him a letter. We used lots of punctuation (question marks) and plenty of adjectives!! Some of us even chose to take our books outside to read at break time! See some of our photos below. 


Our first maths topic for this half term was 2d and 3d shapes. In maths we looked at the properties of 2d shapes. We then moved on to 3d shapes and investigated their properties and the 2d shapes we could see on their faces. We did some fun activities in class to sort and compare shapes, build some Tudor houses from the Great Fire of London and decide whether shapes were symmetrical or not. We all had a 2d shape hunt outside with Mrs Flesher. This was very exciting!



In science, we ordered the pictures of Miss Beverley from a baby to being an adult. We talked about the different stages of her growth and what she could do at each stage e.g live on her own as an adult. We all really enjoyed seeing pictures of Miss Beverley when she was younger! 



Our SEAL topic this half term is 'Good To Be Me'. 

This week we discussed and wrote about things that we were good at and things we find difficult. Throughout the term we will be sharing our opinions on what makes us relaxed, how to stand up for ourselves and how to stop and think about our behaviour. 


Thank you for the parents who attended the assessment meetings on the 8th/9th February.

If you were unable to attend, I have attached the powerpoint below.  


Miss Beverley




In Spring 1, our topic was Healthy Humans. In geography lessons, we investigated where certain fruits and vegetables were grown in the world. We brought in fruit labels and we then used atlases to help us locate the countries where the foods were from. 

We also studied the temperatures of Columbia (which we found was on the equator) and the UK and used our maths skills (statistics and subtraction) to work out the difference in temperatures. We were all super at this! 

Our reading area


This is our new and exciting Space themed reading area. Year 2 have spent lots of time in this area. We love reading new books and recommending books to our class mates. 

Yorkshire week 

In Autumn we had Yorkshire week. Throughout the week we took part in lots of interesting activities to teach us about the county we live in. 

We particularly enjoyed:

  • Baking gingerbread men and writing up the instructions
  • Locating the towns in Yorkshire then comparing the distances between them
  •    Creating our own Yorkshire Roses using 2d shapes
  • Learning about the famous people and foods from Yorkshire (and sampling!!)
  • Making clay owls inspired by the Leeds owl



Here are some examples of our super work from Yorkshire Week:


School Council 

 We had to recently choose two new school councillors for our class. We spoke about the meaning of democracy. We then discussed how the Prime Minister is elected and we decided to recreate this process. The children who wanted to become the new representatives wrote a manifesto and read it out to the class. The children/voters then had to write a boy and a girl on a slip of paper and post it in the ballot box. We then counted the votes and announced our new school council representatives. We congratulate them!