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Year 1 Archive: 2018-2019

Summer 2

Welcome back to our final half term together - where did the time go?

Our topic will be 'The Seaside' which we will look at from an historical and geographical focus.

I have included a variety of photographs taken throughout Summer 1 which you might enjoy looking at.

Healthy Week

As part of our healthy activities we enjoyed a KS1 football tournament to celebrate the Women’s World Cup success.

Sweden were the winners following an afternoon of very energetic team work.



We were so lucky to enjoy a visit from Neil who told us all about wildlife and where  find it. In the conservation area we had a very muddy investigation into habitats and found lots of creatures. We even found tiny eggs which Neil couldn’t identify,

Summer 1

 We have had great fun exploring our topic of  'The Great Outdoors !'

Learning and finding the parts of a plant has been exciting as we have plotted the growth of our runner beans.

Spring 1

We are all ready to Blast Off Beyond Earth!

Look at our exciting Reading Area.

Welcome back to our second half term!

I hope that you enjoyed a relaxing half term and are ready to participate in what promises to be another very busy half term.


This newsletter provides detailed information about our learning challenges and how you might support your child.

Year One Homework


Reading Books:   2 books will be given each week with the current Learning Challenge (LC).

                          these books do not have to be new to the child as the LC will change the



Spellings:           a list of new spellings alongside those needed to be revised will be sent

                          every Friday.

                          a sheet of suggested activites to help learn the spellings.

                          spellings to be checked every Wednesday.


Maths:               a Mathletic activity will be set, when appropriate, to support the current                            LC.

                          a maths sheet will be sent most Fridays to reinforce the weekly LC.

KS1 Christmas Party

Year 1 joined with Year 2 to enjoy an extremely noisy, energetic and fun party!

We had a surprise visit from Santa who gave each child an exciting parcel.

We played party games and then ate our party food. Full of sugar and energy the children went home and the teachers had a sit down!

Elf on a shelf

This cheeky chap jumped into Leah's school bag this morning and she didn't realise! Whilst in our classroom he emptied all our books onto the floor but worse was yet to come...

He went into Mrs Earley's cupboard and helped himself to her secret stash of chocolate!! 

Mrs Cordingly took him into her office where he had to write out lines and think about his behaviour.


We enjoyed taking part in a whole school Diwali celebration.

We designed our Rangoli pattern, using Purple Mash and then choose one for the whole class to colour.

It was quite a messy activity!



We asked Lee Call, who takes our school photographs, to bring his Drone to school. We had such an exciting time as he took aeiral pictures of our Rangoli patterns.

 Come and have a look at our display in the hall.

Science Morning!

A big thank to all the parents who came to our Science Morning.

The children had a wonderful time investigating the 5 senses by doing different interactive activities.                                                                                                                                                              Our scientific questions included `Does everybody like the same smell?` `Does our smell affect how we taste food?` `Do our eyes trick us?`  `Which part of our body  sends the best message to our brain to tell it what object it is?`  `Do all surfaces sound the sam when we tap them?`.

The time flew by and we all learnt such a lot, including how to collect data and read results.


Photos from our Science Morning.

Investors in Pupils

Autumn Walk

As we rush towards the end of half term, we decided to take advantage of the beautiful day and go for an Autumnal Walk in our Conservation Area.

Choosing our materials

We collected so much !

We are so creative.

Welcome to Year One

It was great to see so many grown ups at our information meeting. Please find the presentation saved below and if there is anything which requires further clarification, do please ask!

Year 1 and 2 completed the sponsored activity in aid of the NSPCC campaign: Speak Out. Stay Safe. With Buddy.