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Year 1 Archive: 2017-2018

Our Class Vision, Promises and Personal Targets

Welcome to Year 1

Home Learning

Daily reading - 10 minutes

Daily spelling practice


Phonics Practice - see folder for frequency

Reading comprehension booklets sent home alternate weeks


Measuring the axles for the bathing machine and cutting using a saw

Our final inventions presented in the Design and Technology evening

Year 1 Balance Ability - We all had a fabulous time learning to ride a bike!

Welcome Back! Our topic this half term is 'Seaside'.

Parent information Summer 2

Our leaf hunt. Which trees are deciduous and which are evergreen?

Skelton Grange - we learned lots about plants and animals

Exploring different ways of sharing 20 objects.

Hunting for wild plants on the field

Summer 1 The Great Outdoors

STICK WEEK - It's not a stick, it's a ...

On Monday (12/3/18) Year 1 took part in a drama morning which took us to 'the bottom of the bottom of the sea!' 

We met lots of characters and were involved in many activities such as, creating a journey map, bringing the map to life, acting in role as villagers, persuasion and also listening to a story told by the 'Queen of the Sea'. 

The children proved themselves to be fantastic in role and thoroughly enjoyed the morning. 

World Book Day

How many cubes will balance the weight of the object?

Spring 2

This half term our topic is 'London'. 

Children know we are learning about London because it is the capital city of where we live. Previously we have located London on a map and we shall be revisiting map skills as part of this topic.

In English, we will be sharing our existing knowledge about significant tourist attractions and also reading and learning to retell stories set in  London which visit these well known places.

We will also be writing a poem using 'Walking Through The Jungle' as a template for our ideas. Lastly we will use all the knowledge we have developed to write a fact page about London.

In all of these writing opportunities, the focuses will continue to be:

  • using capital letters and full stops correctly (including names and I)
  • joining sentences using a wider range of conjunctions
  •  using suffixes  (ed, er, ing, s and es)
  • Including questions marks and exclamation marks in our writing
  • Spelling key words and common exception words correctly

In Maths, we will be learning about measuring - weighing and length. To do this we will be using non-standard units of measure and also introducing cm using a ruler. 

We will continue to revisit skills and methods taught for addition and subtraction to further develop independency.

In History we will be exploring the Gun Powder Plot as a significant historical event.

Home Tasks

Our cursive handwriting is looking fabulous and the children are trying really hard to use this style in their writing. I shall continue to send handwriting practice home so you are able to support your child with the correct letter formation. 


Designing Our Own Healthy Kebab

We gathered the fruit we needed to complete our design.

We carefully chopped the fruit and arranged it on a skewer.

Finally we ate our healthy kebabs.

Representing numbers in tens and units

Year 1 Flex Dance

Still image for this video
Spring 1

Our topic this half term is'Healthy Us!' This is a Science focused theme that involves children exploring their senses and naming parts of their body. 

Please find a copy of the Information for Parents below which gives more information about our topic.

Autumn 2

This half term our topic is ‘Hot and Cold’.

The main focus for our topic is to compare climates in hot and cold parts of the world with our own in the UK. As part of this we will develop our knowledge of the world map, naming continents and oceans. In English, we will be reading stories from different cultures and also developing our story telling skills using Talk for Writing techniques. This involves learning the story and being able to confidently retell the story, including using detail to interest the reader. We do this by creating story maps using pictures.  Later on in the term, we will revisit recounting our personal experiences. Children will write about places they have visited and their family holidays in the past. In Science we will be describing weather in the UK and finding out about seasonal changes. In Numeracy, we will explore the four operations, particularly multiplication and division.
The Year 1 children have all been chosen as Stars of the Week today in the Celebration Assembly because they have all settled in well to the routine of their new class. A huge well done everyone!
I am looking forward to meeting you at the Parents Welcome Meeting on Monday 11th September @ 2.30 pm.

Sorting objects in different ways

Sorting objects using their material name

Sorting materials using their properties, such as transparent, opaque, waterproof and absorbent

We used Numicon to show our understanding of maths vocabulary - more than, less than and equal

We have had a brilliant and busy start to the year! Next Half term our topic is 'Hot and Cold'. If you have any photos from past holidays the children would like to share, please feel free to bring them in to class.