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Year 1 Archive: 2015-2016

        Welcome to Year 1

Investors in Pupils

Year 1 are very excited this week because they have been trying extra hard to achieve their whole class target- 'To always listen when someone is talking and to wait for our turn to speak.'

Their efforts are paying off and they only have 3 more smiley faces to achieve.

They have voted to have a non-uniform afternoon (2-3 pm) with a toy of their choice!  

Our super trip to Harlow Carr Garden to explore the woodland. We learned lots about deciduous and evergreen trees and met lots of characters on the way! Thank you to everyone who accompanied us on our visit.

Enjoying our street party to celebrate the Queen's 90th Birthday!

Our School Councillor's  are doing a fantastic job at feeding back to our class. We found out today that our Year 6 play leaders will be training some enthusiastic Year 5 volunteers before they leave. Also, we will be enrolling KS1 monitors to help collect all of our new equipment. Thank you for keeping us informed Seb, Lily and Barney!

Summer 2

This half term our topic is all about the seaside.

In Literacy, we will be using our own experiences of the seaside to write an acrostic poem about the things we can see, hear and smell. The story of 'The Lighthouse Keeper's Lunch' will help us structure and write a story using our own ideas. We will also imagine we are a character from the story and write a recount in role of the day the pesky seagulls stole Mr Grinlings lunch.


In Numeracy, we will be applying the skills we have been developing throughout the year and using them to solve a variety of different problems to show our knowledge is secure. These will include the four operations. As always we will be further developing our reasoning skills explain how we know we are correct.


In Science, we will be identifying common animals at the seaside and grouping them by their similarities and type - mammal, insect, amphibian etc.


In History, we will be comparing what it is like at the seaside now with the past and will be using the entertainment puppets, Punch and Judy, to design and make our own in DT.


Our SEAL topic this half term is 'Changes'. 

PE is on Wednesday afternoon with our sports coach, Mr Davies and also Thursday afternoon as normal. 

Phonics 'Quiz' will take place the week commencing 13th June.

Healthy week (23/5/16) Enjoying Zumba dancing

Making a healthy sandwich

Exploring the great outdoors for wild plants and flowers.

Summer 1

Our topic this half term is 'The Great Outdoors'.

We will be learning about the structure of a plant in Science and also exploring the plants around us, from common wild flowers to deciduous and evergreen trees.

In Literacy we will will be linking in traditional tales with our topic and also writing instructions once we have planted our beans.


Spring 2

This half term our topic is 'Earth and Beyond'. We have already made an enthusiastic start and have been 'Training like an Astronaut' in PE sessions to improve our strength, balance and endurance.

In Literacy we will be exploring fantasy worlds and using our imagination to write our own fantasy story. To inspire our minds and ignite our imagination we are currently reading 'The Magic Box' and other versions of this free verse poem. We will then generate our own ideas and use these to write our own poem.

In Numeracy we are learning the value of coins and to total different amounts of money. We will also be continuing to develop our skills in addition and subtraction, multiplication and division and also direction.

In Science, we are continuing to investigate materials and shall be testing their properties to help us complete our challenge of designing a space suit.

We have already read facts about Neil Armstrong and plotted his significant events on a timeline and located where in the world he was from.

In ICT, we are using control programmes to direct a turtle around mazes, make 2d shapes and finally design a space rocket using the shapes we have explored.


Our theme this half term is 'Good to be me'.

Throughout the theme children are encouraged to talk about their gifts and talents and recognize how it feels to be proud of an achievement. 


Space Week 21/3/16 When the lights went off inside the space dome it was really dark. After our first initial fright, we soon became expert astrologers and were able to find 'The Bear.'

Designing and making our space rockets. Thank you for all the recyclable materials, we put them to good use!

Designing space rockets, using 2D shapes, in 2Go on Purple Mash.

Sport Relief 18/3/16

Author Andy Seed's visit to Year 1. We had fun learning poems that rhyme. Two brave volunteers came out to help him.

An Aladdin Performance. Well done, girls! We all enjoyed watching your show and we shall look forward to the next one!

Year 1 are once again the Attendance winners this week. We came joint 1st with 99.3%!!! 

Our lovely fingerprint Mother's Day cards!

Thank you to all the adults who came to share a book with Year One this afternoon (3.2.16). The children have had a great day, in their pyjamas, sharing their books and talking about their favourite characters! 
Investors in Pupils

Who helps Us Around School? - Year 1 were fantastic when they shared their findings about Mrs Spinks with the whole school

Training To Be An Astronaut

Training to be an astronaut is not easy! Year One have been working hard in developing their strength, balance and endurance so they will be as fit as an astronaut in future weeks to come. 

We are this weeks Attendance winners. Well done Year One!!

This half term our topic is 'Hot and Cold'. We have made a great start identifying continents around the world, with a particular focus on those with the extreme hot and cold climates.

Our map skills are developing and we now know where in the world we live in relation to extreme hot and cold places.

Today (21.1.16) we all wrapped up in our winter clothes and tiptoed outside into our conservation area, in the hope to do a spot of bird watching. Equipped with our binoculars and clipboards, we looked carefully and waited patiently and identified birds by their colour, size and size of beak! We were lucky enough to spot a few different types and we could hear lots of birds singing their song from the trees around us - they were just a little too shy to come and say hello!
Our 'Under Water' themed Reading Area is a real hit! Everyone is 'diving into a good book' and enjoying reading books to the sea creatures and sharing their books with their partners.

Autumn 2


This half term our topic is 'London'.

We will be using our geography skills to locate our capital city in relation to where we live and the rest of the world. As well as exploring important landmarks that can be found in London, we will be investigating the history of Guy Fawkes and his role in The Gun Powder Plot. In science, materials is the focus of our learning and this will be linked with Londons landmarks and also objects in settings which are more familiar to the children.


Welcome to Year 1


We have all had a great start to the new term and we are enjoying learning about our Autumn 1 topic, Healthy Us.

Making healthy fruit kebabs

Year 1 really enjoyed making healthy fruit kebabs. They helped each other to read the instructions and make the kebab and of course... they couldn't wait to eat it!

Year 1 achieved their Whole Class Target this week - To keep our classroom clean and tidy! We voted and the most popular idea was to have a party - so we did!

Warming up in our rugby sessions with Tony Aubrey

Solving challenges in Numeracy