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Year 1 Archive: 2014-2015

Welcome to Year 1!




Year One have had a super time this week. We have worked really hard to learn how to say our name and age in French. Also, we have enjoyed playing Lotto, using French numbers up to 12 and we can even sing a counting song in French to help us!


The children were amazing in the European Market event, where we displayed our 'Old Macdonald had a Farm' pictures.


Not only did we try to learn French this week... we also had a session learning Arabic and Italian. Thank you to all the parents who volunteered to come along and support the children's learning in these languages.


The dancing we took part in on Tuesday was a lot of fun and the children were excited to try croissants and pain au chocolate in the 'French Breakfast'.

Languages Week

Leeds Rhinos Rugby session 05/06/15

'A Day To Remember' with Leed's Rhino's and Ronnie

Solving addition calculations using a number line

Exploring edible parts of plants

Our P.E sessions with Mr Davis from Prince Henry's. Today he's developing our passing and receiving skills.

A typical Numeracy lesson, all busy solving questions in different ways.

Material Mayhem

We have experimented and sorted lots of different materials and are now experts on their properties.

Is it hard, soft, smooth, bumpy, waterproof or magnetic?

Control Crazy!

Year One have been developing their skills in controlling. We used language such as, forwards, backwards, left and right to instruct Beebots to move to a particular location or in a given direction.

We then made up our own instructions and tracked their paths. Sometimes they were a bit naughty so we had to check the instructions we had given them were correct!

After that we linked our controlling skills to using NXT Robot in a similar way and because we were feeling fantasy crazy, we designed our own pirate maps and instructed the robots to find the hidden treasure. You'll be pleased to know, they all made it to X marks the spot!

Look at our fabulous fantasy trails and maps.

Our topic this half term is 'Fantasy Worlds'.

Imagination! We've definitely got it! Our 'Magic Box' poems are fantastic. We put lots of fantasy characters and objects in ours. Why don't you come and read them?



Adel World Book Day was a huge success. We all enjoyed reading 'Meet The Cones' and meeting the author, Chris Madeley!

Thank you to all the parents who joined us in Year One to read a book with the children. Every corner of the classroom was filled with readers, who were enjoying sharing their books.

Adel World Book Day

As part of History week, Year One enjoyed learning about food in the 1940's. We discovered which foods were rationed during the war and were even lucky enough to see a real rationing book!

We designed our own rationing posters on the computer using the characters, Potato Pete and Doctor Carrot to advertise 'grow your own' to help win the war.

Have you seen them on display?

Mark and Spenser 'Melt in the Middle Pudding' Workshop, linked to History week

We had great fun learning lots of facts about Arctic animals and the inuit people who have to survive in such a cold climate. Once we had completed all our research, we worked in pairs to write lots of facts about what had learned.

Our topic this half is Why Is Your Coat So Thick?

So far we have all enjoyed exploring cold places, learning lots of interesting facts about Arctic animals and the people who live near there. We were surprised to find out that they use a lot of animal skin and fur to help them survive.

We had great fun building an igloo made out of milk bottles! Thank you to all who supplied the materials!

Can you act in the role as an Inuit?

Yes we can.



Look at our class challenges.

A fantastic poem 'Walking Through The Arctic' written by Mariya.