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Help us to celebrate your child’s achievements…

Here in the Nursery, we get as excited as you do watching your child grow and develop, and would like to celebrate all their achievements - whether they happen at Nursery or at home with you.  We would love to hear from you about the things your child enjoys or achieves.  It helps us to create a ‘well-rounded’ picture of who your child really is.

These ‘Star Moments’ can tell us about anything of interest that you’d like to share with us. For example, your child’s helping to make a cake, retelling a favourite story, riding their new bicycle, making a card for a friend, counting the red cars on their way to school and so many more besides!

Please remember that your child is unique. What he/she enjoys doing or achieves for the first time is personal to them and should be recognised whenever it takes place, regardless of when their friends did something similar.

So … please complete a star from time to time to post on the display.