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Reception Archive: 2017-2018

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Home Learning

Home Challenges sent home every Thursday

Reading books changed once a week 


Our topic this half term is 'Animal Magic'

We will  be investigating farm animals and finding out about the young of each animal. We are very excited for our trip to the farm! We will be welcoming the chicks into our classroom and look forward to watching them grow. We will explore jungle animals and find out facts about them from books and the internet. We will also be exploring minibeasts and their homes. 


What an exciting few weeks we have had welcoming the eggs into our classroom and waiting for them to hatch. The chicks hatched exactly as expected on day 21, and we welcomed ten chicks into the classroom over the following days. The children have enjoyed watching the chicks grow and making sure they are ok. We made cards for the chicks, gave them names, drew pictures of them and used them to help with our maths addition and subtraction problems. We were sad to see them return to the farm but have loved every minute of them staying with us!


Temple Newsam Farm

Our trip to Temple Newsam  was lots of fun! We travelled on a double decker bus and began by visiting the house to take part in the Princess and the Pea workshop. In the afternoon we visited the farm and got to feed the lambs, see the calves, stroke a chick and watch the piglets.  What a fantastic day!


Our topic this half term is 'Once Upon a Time...' 

We will be exploring a number of traditional tales, and will create our own versions of the stories through writing and drama.

Stick Week

What a fantastic week we have had joining in with the whole school theme week of 'Stick Week'. We began by going on a walk into the nature conservation area to gather our sticks. We then read the story of 'It's not a stick...' and allowed our imaginations to go wild as we decided what our stick would be! We finished the week with our 'Elves and Fairies' day where we all dressed up as an elf or a fairy and went back into the conservation area to make our very own elf and fairy homes. They were amazing!


We all enjoyed joining in with celebrations for the Hindu festival of Holi. We had an amazing white canvas outside as it had snowed heavily! We used powder paints to splatter paint across the snow, and made a fantastic celebration of colour outside. Happy Holi!


Our topic this half term is 'Space'.

We will be exploring the Solar System, zooming up to the moon in a rocket and making our very own aliens!


As part of our Safer Internet Day today we listened to the story of 'Three Little Monsters and the School Competition'. In the story the monsters drew pictures of their favourite thing at school and then the teacher posted the pictures onto the class page. Unfortunately someone wrote an unkind comment about one of the pictures. The children were very sad and told their parent and the teacher. The teacher made sure that the comment was taken off the website and that the child responsible was spoken to too. The children were all made aware that if anything happens on a computer that they are unsure of or makes them sad they must tell a parent or the teacher. 

We decided to make our own pictures of what we enjoy doing at school and to make a gallery showing all of the super pictures that the children had made. We also thought about the kind things we could say about our friend's work that would make them smile. Everybody got a big Reception thumbs up for their super work! We hope you enjoy their pictures too.



Alien Day

What a fun day to end our Space topic! We all dressed as aliens, made alien food, zoomed to the moon in a rocket and enjoyed a picnic on the moon!

Autumn Term 2 -Celebrations


We planned a Birthday party for Mrs Parkinson and made lots of preparations for Christmas. We also looked at celebrations the children shared with their families too.

Mrs Parkinson's Birthday Party

What a busy week we had in Reception! We decided that as it was Mrs Parkinson's birthday we should plan her a very special birthday party! There was an awful lot to get ready. We began by making a giant invitation for Mrs Parkinson telling her when her party was taking place. All of the children worked together to decide what it should say and voted for the colour of the card it should be. We then signed all of our names on the invite and delivered it to Mrs Parkinson. She was very excited and sent us a reply saying she would love to come! We made lists with all of the things we needed to get ready, including balloons, food, cake and decorations. We baked a cake, made birthday cards, wrapped a pass the parcel which included numbers the children had written for the forfeits in each layer, and made some beautiful birthday banners to decorate the room. We also designed and made our own party hats, and also made sure there was one for Mrs Parkinson to wear too! The children made a paper chain, which was initially quite short but as the week progressed stretched well across the classroom, and some children also made wands for her birthday presents because they decided Mrs Parkinson needed to do some magic.
At the party we sang 'Happy Birthday', ate food and played games. Mrs Parkinson was thrilled with her party and had lots of fun. Well done Reception! You were amazing party planners!





Our topic this half term will be......

'Marvellous Me'

We will begin by ensuring all of the children settle in happily, and will then explore how we have changed since being a baby, the features of our bodies and our senses.


The classroom is looking brilliant and we are ready for everyone to come and join us!


We had a fantastic time having lunch with our buddies on Tuesday. They helped us get our food and we chatted whilst we ate.

Reception had a lovely morning with their year 6 buddies.

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