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Reception Archive: 2016-2017

Welcome to Reception!

Our topic this half term is

In the Garden


This is going to be so exciting as we shall be exploring the great outdoors, everyday.

We will be explorers and make lots of discoveries about the environment , plants and animals. 

We will plant seeds and observe them growing, go pond dipping in the Nature Conservation Area and go on a mini-beast hunt to name just a few of the exciting things we have planned.

The highlight though will be our fun day out at Harlow Carr Gardens.


Although we do plan activities we are always mindful that the children have amazing ideas and encourage independent learning as they develop their own projects.

The children had a great time exploring. In the woodlands Elizabeth told us about Dylan the dragon and how his tail had squished the elf and fairy houses. Luckily the elves and fairies were on holiday at the time so we set to work making new homes for them. One house had 10 bedrooms, another one had a swimming pool and another had a hot tub.

We also looked at the shape of leaves and had to find the trees they had come from.

We just loved the beautiful flowers too.

The highlight though was discovering the amazing play areas  ...  and the BFG.     

Maths Workshop

When we went exploring in the Nature Conservation Area this week we made a collection of natural objects. Back at base we used some of the collection for our maths workshops.   Mrs Harrison Place asked each group of children to come up with a maths investigation. It had to be something to do with number, shape, space or measure. It was interesting to watch as the children put forward ideas as to how to use the objects.  Just look at what they came up with ...

French Day was fantastique!

The children had a wonderful time reading and acting out their favourite stories. Take a peek!

 Did you know there's no such thing as a Gruffalo . . . Or is there? 

Room on the Broom. We had a fabulous day acting out this super story and making magic spells.

We had a brilliant time at Tropical World

We are so eggcited!


We love our chicks . They are soft and fluffy and cute.

Hooray, the chicks have a arrived ..... all 8 of them!!

 The eggs have been in the incubator for 21 days . . . . . so it's hatching day. Check out our chick chart.

The Banquet

Did you know Dora the Explorer and Diego went in a time machine  that took them back to Medieval times. They had such a fun time  exploring castles. They watched Knights jousting and joined the Lord and Lady for a banquet in the great hall.  They were on their best behaviour of course as they didn't want to end up in the dungeon.  

Reception and Nursery children had a similar experience when they hosted a banquet of their own.

They entertained their guests in the Great Hall with dancing,  followed by a banquet in the Lesser Great Hall.

What a great time they all had!

World Book Day

The children looked amazing on World Book Day when they came to school dressed as book characters. We talked about our favourite books and read stories. We decided that the 'Winnie the Witch' books were our favourite books at the moment. The author of these  books is Valerie Thomas and the illustrator is Korky Paul. We did some research too. Did you know Valerie was once a school teacher? She lives in Australia and she loves to travel, but not by broomstick. Her first Winnie the Witch book was written in 1987 and it won the Children's Book of the Year Award. We are not surprised!! Are you?

We also acted out some stories and and danced and sang on the stage. In all it was great fun and we all decided we just love books.

Maths Workshop   The Race!

For maths workshop we present the children with some objects and ask them to show what super maths they can do with them. 

This is lead by the children who, in this case, quickly came up with ideas.  

Their first idea was to place the cars in a long line. They did this in random number order at first until one of them suggested they could put them in the correct number order. They then worked together to do this.  "It's like they are going in a race," said Xavier. Mrs HP then found them some paper so they could make a track. As they had number cards they arranged them, in order, around the outside. Oh dear a few numbers were missing, but no worries, they quickly made new cards. They then matched each car to it's number before the race started.

And then ......  ready steady go!!

Great maths and great team work!!

Maths Workshop    Spill the beans!

When we explored the basket we found seeds and pots, numbers and Numicon. We wondered what we could do and then came up with a game, spill the beans. The children had to  estimate how many seeds were in the pot before they were spilt. We then counted them to see who's estimate was the closest. The maths continued as each pair of children counted out the seeds in their pot.  More great maths!!

Maths Workshop        The Tallest Beanstalk

The children were given some paper, glue, scissors, rulers and a picture of Jack and the Beanstalk (our story of the week). Mrs H P asked the  children for their ideas as to what maths they could do that related to the story. They immediately came up with the idea of measuring with the rulers .... but what? After a little more discussion they decided that they could measure beanstalks. Ready steady go! They split into teams and excitedly started drawing, cutting out and sticking to make their beanstalks.  "Ours is the tallest!"  "No ours is longer than yours."  Not only did the children explore different ways of measuring their beanstalks but they laid them side by side so they could compare them directly. One team even  laid down beside their beanstalk to see if it was taller than they were. It was such a fun activity with lots of amazing maths.






We enjoyed  finding out about people who help us in the community, their occupations and how they help us.  The children  talked about their personal experiences, such as a visit to a hospital or the dentist. We also had special visitors come in to talk about their jobs.

Many thanks to Aashaz' mum who came into Reception Class to talk about her job. She is a Professor at Leeds University and she helps students design roads. She also attends conferences all over the world to share her knowledge and expertise on transportation links. We found her talk very interesting  and now some of our children, including Aashaz, would like to be professors when they grow up. 

A big thank you to PCSO Joel and PCSO Mark who came to our class to talk about their job and how they help people. It was very interesting and we learnt a lot. The highlight though was Percy the car, with his flashing eyes.

We were so excited when Firefighter Paul came to school, in his fire engine of course.  He  told us about his job and how he helps people in emergency situations. He offered to trim Mrs HP's nails with his special cutters. She declined!


We really enjoyed our Spring walk.

What did we see?

Take a look!


The Arrival of Spring

Paintings in the style of David Hockney

Can you spot David Hockney's picture?

The Chinese New Year

The Year of the Rooster.

The children really enjoyed finding out about the Chinese New Year.

We made Chinese lanterns and fans, lucky red envelopes and dragons. 

We also prepared a delicious feast with rice, noodles and vegetable stir fry. Eating with chopsticks was a little tricky .... but well worth the effort.

Following the interests of the children we embarked on a project to do with monsters. The children worked in small groups to design and make monsters. This involved a lot of talk and negotiation as each child put forward their creative ideas. Each monster was given a profile as their character was formed. Some even went on adventures . . . to Monster Land of course. This project led to some amazing writing ... check out the display in the classroom.


Can you design and make a bag for a gift?

Yes I can!

Our topic in Autumn 2 


We enjoyed finding out about Celebrations and other special events in our lives, and those of others. These included  birthdays, christenings, weddings and festivals. We talked about the common themes such as the giving of gifts and cards, telling stories, going to places of worship, visiting family and friends, wearing special clothes and eating special foods.





 Reception and Nursery had a fantastic time at our special Autumn event. 

Lots of parents came to join us.

We made scarecrows and pumpkin heads, outdoors of course.

And ended our celebration with delicious hot chocolate and ginger biscuits.



A big well done to all our Reception children for achieving the latest class target. Their reward was a special feast of fruit dipped in chocolate. Mmm, it was delicious!

We all know how to cross the road safely.

We enjoyed finding out about Diwali, the Sikh and Hindu festival of light.

My Project

We are amazed at the wonderful ideas that the children come up with to further their learning and encourage them wherever possible to follow their interests and make discoveries.

Here are some of our recent project ideas.




Xavier was interested in boats and wanted to make one of his own. He had to decide which materials to use. He ended up making three boats and then he tested them to check if they would float in water. The paper boat 'went mushy' but the wooden boat 'stayed up.'


Max is a fab football player. He chose to do some research on football. This led to him and Mrs Harrison Place looking up players on the computer for Manchester United. Max was most keen to discover more about Ashley Young who, incidentally, has scored 14 goals for his team.  Max then went outside to play football, just like the professionals.

We all really enjoyed our walk to Adel Woods. The children took on the role of explorers as they searched for Autumn leaves, fruits and seeds. They saw sheep in the fields, a bridge with 7 arches and bears hiding in the trees.

A big thank you to all the mums, dads and grandparents that joined us for school lunch. They were very impressed with the wide selection of delicious food on offer.

Movement play in the hall was such fun. We were very active as we danced and grooved to the music.

We love Reception Class. Here are some recent highlights.

The Reception Staff are looking forward to getting to know all the new children who will be starting with us. 


We hope you have had a fantastic Summer and are excited about starting school and making new friends.

We are here to help you!

Welcome letter

What can you do in Reception class?

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At Adel Primary School we recognise the vital importance of phonics teaching and learning. We use the Department for Education 2007 publication Letters and Sounds as the basis for our phonics curriculum. This document details 6 stages of phonics development and provides a breakdown of the phonics to be covered in each stage. A copy of this document can be found below.

Rather than using one specific teaching and learning phonic scheme we use a number of methods and materials to deliver this curriculum. We aim to use multi sensory teaching and learning in phonics and use Jolly Phonics to help the children learn the first 42 sounds via songs and actions.  A link to the Jolly Phonics website can be found below.

Information sessions for phonics are held every year and lots of information sent home so that phonics learning can be supported at home too.