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Reception Archive: 2015-2016

Welcome to Reception!

Our topic this term is

The great outdoors!

We can be 'nature detectives' and explore our school grounds for plants and animals. 

We shall observe the beauty of nature too when we visit Harlow Carr Gardens.


We had an amazing time at Harlow Carr Gardens. 

It was great fun exploring the grounds looking at all the lovely flowers and trees. 

We were so excited when we discovered a tree house in the woods.

After lunch Louise took us on an adventure trail with Dylan the dragon. We discovered that the houses belonging to the elves and fairies had been blown away, so we all set to work making them new homes.  We searched for twigs, leaves and stones and other natural objects to build with. It was non-stop excitement.

And before you ask we didn't get to see the elves and fairies. They are very shy you know. 

Reception Parents

Please join us for

Afternoon Tea

On Wednesday 20th July at 2.15pm



We so enjoyed exploring the nature conservation area looking for twigs, leaves and other natural objects for our fairy and elf houses.

A big thank you to Henry's mum for coming in to Reception class to talk about her job as a dentist and how we can keep our teeth clean and healthy. She gave us some top tips:

    * We should brush our teeth for 2 minutes, twice a day. 
    * Our mums and dads should still help us clean our teeth, to make sure our teeth get a       thorough cleaning.
    * Water is good for us!  Inbetween meals we should drink water.
    * Fizzy drinks are not good for our teeth. They are sweet and sugary.
    * If we want a healthy snack then cheese, nuts and bread sticks are good for us. We should only have sweets and raisins as a treat.

Check out our super posters.

Many thanks to PCSO Rob Southwood who kindly came to Reception class to tell us about his job and how the Police help people in the community.

We had a great time exploring our school grounds looking for minibeasts. We found spiders, woodlice, ants, slugs and snails to name a few. And some of the children stumbled on a dinosaur bone. How amazing was that!

Do you like our super sentences? We are amazing writers.

Home School Links, Summer 2

We all really enjoyed healthy week. In class we had a our very own health bar where we made sandwiches (only the healthy type) and tried various fruits and vegetables. We also took part in various fitness events including Zumba and rugby. Ronnie the rhino made us all laugh.

In order to be safe and happy the children came up with class rules and promises. Take a look!

Hooray, they are here! We are the proud parents of 14 chicks. And they are gorgeous as you can see.

It's so egg-citing!! We are incubating chick eggs. Not long to go now.

Hooray!! The day has arrived, day 21. The chicks are hatching.

Our topic focus this half term is


Favourite Stories and Rhymes


Parents, please can you help your child select a book from home that they can bring 

to school to  write as a book review.




Maths outdoors. What shape is your bubble wand?

Maths workshop indoors.

We hope you have all had a restful but fun Easter break. We are looking forward to the term ahead, especially now that Summer is nearly here.


For those really sunny days we ask that you provide a sun hat for your child and that they come to school with sun lotion already applied.

Water will be available, as always, throughout the day.


Thank you very much to those parents who have contributed to our baking fund. A donation of £6 for the year is appreciated and should cover our costs. 


May we remind you that parents can join us for ‘stay and play’ first thing on Tuesday mornings, until 9.30 am.


Also remember that we are here to talk, most days after school, should there be anything you want to discuss.


Thank you for your continued support, the Reception team.

We had a great time during Science Week. We made some interesting discoveries. Some aliens from planet Zorg came to visit and left us some mysterious things. So the scientists in Reception class set to work find out what they could about them. They used some amazing words to describe them, like squishy, sploosh, explode, slimy, soft and fizzy. What fun we all had!

We really enjoyed our trip to Tropical World. We saw lots of exotic plants and animals . . . like meerkats in the desert, bats in the nocturnal house, butterflies in the rain forest, snakes in the reptile house, a crocodile in the swamp and lots more. It was all so exciting!

A surprise snow day!

Our topic focus in Spring 1 was


We joined Dora and Diego on their travels as they explored our very interesting world.

We went to many places including Dinosaur Land, Pirate Island and Antarctica.



We have been celebrating our favourite author, Julia Donaldson. All these books were brought in by the children. Wow, what a collection!

During bird week Mr Llewelyn took us on a bird adventure. We explored the nature conservation area and were surprised to see so many birds around at this time of year . . . but maybe that was because we are such great explorer's.

Home School Links, Spring 1, Explorers

We love our new reading area!

A new document to support parents of children in the EYFS in understanding their child’s learning and development.

Investors in Pupils

Feel proud Reception for reaching your target . . . 

to keep your classroom clean and tidy.

Can you design and make a bag for a gift? Yes we can!

Home School Links, Autumn 2, Celebrations

Yorkshire Week was fun!

We all really enjoyed our Autumn walk to Adel Woods. The children took on the role of explorers as they searched for Autumn leaves, fruits and seeds. They saw sheep in the fields, a bridge with 7 arches and bears hiding in the trees.

It was so special when our parents, and grandparents, joined us for school lunch.

The children in Reception class have got off to a great start.

During the first few weeks we will be concentrating on getting to know one another and familiarising ourselves with the new routines.  To help with this our main topic this half term will be ‘Ourselves’ and will include aspects relating to our families and friends,  the body and how it works, and our favourite things.

We are here to help!

Reception Planning 2015 to 2016

Home school links - Autumn 1

Articulation of Phonemes

A useful video clip showing the correct 'pure' pronounciation of phonemes (units of sound).

Starting school: key information