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Nursery Archive: 2017-2018

Welcome to Nursery!


Our topics this half term is


Sizzling Summer


Home Learning

Look out for our Nursery Wise Owl Home Challenges

...   and the Sound of the Week

Check out these brilliant paintings of jungle animals.

Nursery and Reception had a fantastic animal WOW day. Together we explored the jungle and found animals hiding in the trees. We played animal games and sang animal songs. We rounded it off with a feast and dancing. The children were so well behaved and looked amazing in their costumes.

Can you make a carrier for your pet? Yes I can!

Nursery Newsletter Summer Term

Stick Week

We had a lot of fun during stick week.

We started by exploring the Nature Conservation Area looking for sticks. 

We compared our sticks and described them. Then our sticks became 'not a stick' and our imaginations ran wild.

We dressed up as fairies and elves and made fairy houses in the fairy glen. Later on we had a feast. We waved our stick wands and then the magic began.


We were thrilled when John and Lousie came to Nursery and

took us on a magical journey as we acted out

'a sideways look at Cinderella'.

His Royal Majesty was in such a mood. There hadn't been a royal ball for years and years. And down the road in a crooked old house a kitchen maid had to do all the chores while her two sisters  did nothing. Until one day an invitation arrived ......



OH NO!! The Queen is ready to go to the ball but she has no shoes to wear. Can you make her a shoe?

Fun in the snow!

We enjoyed finding out about the Chinese New Year celebrations.

This year is the Year of the Dog.

We made Chinese lanterns, lucky red envelopes and dragons.

We set up a Chinese restaurant and later made our very own Chinese feast with stir fry vegetables, noodles and egg fried rice. It was delicious, though a little tricky eating with chopsticks. 


A picnic on the Moon

What a great time Nursery and Reception had when we dressed up as aliens and went on an Space adventure.

10, 9, 8, 7, 6 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 .... Blast off!

We all climbed into a really big space ship and flew to the moon for a picnic. 

We invited lots of humans to join us. We think they must have really enjoyed the adventure,

and our lovely singing ....

Zoom zoom zoom we're going to the Moon!

Pirate Day

The children looked amazing in their pirate outfits.

We made pirate hats, spy glasses and treasure maps. We stained the our maps with tea to make them look truly authentic. We made a big ship and sailed the oceans looking for treasure. We were not keen on the pirate grub because it was stale so we caught fish with our nets ... and ate fish fingers. We scrubbed the decks, sang sea shanties and walked the plank.

Captain Hook left us a note. We got the better of him and found the missing treasure. 

All in all we had a great adventure.


Can you design and make a rocket? 

Yes I can!


10   9   8   7   6   5   4   3   2   1   Blast off!

It was great fun launching the stomper rocket.

Get ready for blast off!

Reading comprehension morning ...... We loved listening to stories and talking about them. We put on our red and yellow thinking hats to help us.

Christmas was a lovely time!

Number Day was such fun and the children looked amazing.

We enjoyed finding out about Italy, our chosen country for our school 'One World' project.

Following our hunt for leaves and other Autumn treasures we read the story Leaf Man and then made our very own amazing leaf characters.

We enjoyed our Autumn walk. We made lots of interesting discoveries in the woods. We even found bears hiding in the trees.

A big thank you to Wendy who came to give a talk on road safety.

After the talk the children created their very own roadway and showed us how they keep safe both when walking near the road or driving a car. 

A special thank you to all the parents that joined us for school lunch in the dinner hall. They all agreed that the food was delicious with lots of healthy choices.


Our topic this half term is 

'Marvellous Me'

The children have got off to a great start. They have settled in really well and are enjoying making new friends.

Here are the highlights of our first weeks. We are having so much fun! 

Welcome to Nursery!


We hope you have had a fantastic Summer and are excited about starting Nursery

and making  new friends.


And a special welcome back to the old timers!

We are here to help!


Wizzy Wizard Challenges!  

Every time a child  completes a Wizzy challenge they  can put a lolliop

stick in their Wizzy pocket.

When they have a rainbow of colours Wizzy will be so amazed he will want

to give them a special Wizzy award.


The Characteristics of Effective Learning

The characteristics of effective learning are a key element in the Early Year’s Foundation Stage. They detail the ways in which children learn from their environment, experiences and activities. 

They are split into three main areas. These are:

 ‘Playing and exploring’ which shows how the child is engaging; ‘actively learning’which shows the motivation behind the child’s learning; and  ‘creating and thinking critically’ which shows the thought processes behind learning and new achievements. 


Articulation of Phonemes

A useful video clip showing the correct 'pure' pronounciation of phonemes (units of sound).