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Nursery Archive: 2016-2017

Our Topic this half term is


We will be looking at the lifecycle of the butterfly, going on minibeast hunts, watching caterpillars and tadpoles grow and using books and computers to find out more about the minibeasts we find. Further information can be found in our Home School link below.



Our topics this half term are

Spring and Holidays

We will be exploring the changes we see happening in Spring, and all of the exciting things we can see growing. During our Holidays theme we will be exploring where we have gone on holiday, how we got there and what we did whilst we were there.



Our topic this half term is

Traditional Tales

We will  begin by looking at the story of 'The Three Little Pigs', followed by 'Goldilocks and the Three Bears' and finishing with 'Jack and the Beanstalk'. We will be exploring the key characters, events and language in each of the books over the coming few weeks.

Further information can be found in our Home-school link below.


Banquet Day

We had a super time at our Banquet Day. We dressed up as kings, queens, knights, princesses, dragons and servants. We invited the parents to come and see our dancing and then we all shared a fantastic banquet fit for a king or queen! What a lovely day!

World Book Day

We all really enjoyed World Book Day in nursery. The children all looked fantastic dressed as their favourite character from a book. The adults came dressed as characters from The Three Little Pigs, our traditional tale of the week. A bell was rung every 30 minutes in the classroom to tell the children that it was story time and if they wished to come and join us on the carpet they could. We also attended the World Book Day assembly where we showed everyone our costumes and shared with them the key phrases from the Three Little Pigs. What a fantastically fun day!

'Sound of the Week' information letter for parents and carers.


Our topic this half term is

People Who Help Us

We will begin by looking at Firefighters, followed by the police and finally doctors and dentists. The children chose these topics last half term and are very excited to find out more about these people!



To find out more about what we will be doing this half term please see our newsletter below.

Chinese New Year


We have had a fantastic week in nursery celebrating Chinese New Year. The children have used chopsticks to pick up noodles, have tried to write Chinese numerals and have had lots of fun in our Chinese restaurant role play area.

Fire Engine


We were very lucky to see a fire engine at school this week. We were allowed to go and see all of the different tools that are kept on the fire engine. Mrs Roberts and Mrs Masocha were also very excited to be able to show us how far the hoses spray the water!


The children have already had lots of fun working in our fire engine. They have done some fantastic writing to tell the firefighters where they need to go and have engaged in some fantastic role play!

Superhero Writing Area

Our new Superhero writing area is up and running and the children are really enjoying working in it. We have superhero capes to wear, new pencils and pens to write with and a display board to show all of the fantastic superhero writing the children do. The children have done fantastic writing since its arrival including name writing, shopping lists and cards for their friends!

Christmas Celebrations

We had lots of fun during our Christmas celebrations! We took part in a fantastic production with reception called 'The Easy Cheesy Nativity'. All of the children did a fantastic job and we were all very proud of them!

We also had a Christmas party where Santa came to see all of the children. It was very exciting!

We were all very tired by the end of the Christmas festivities, but it was worth it!


Our topics  this term are 

Autumn and Christmas


We are very excited to begin this new half term, and are looking forward to all of the exciting events we have planned during this time. Please see our Home School Link to find out what we will be covering this half term. 




 Nursery and Reception wish to invite you to a special Autumn event we

are hosting on Wednesday 9th November.

You can attend at 10.30 till 11.30 am  

or  2 till 3pm.

In groups we will be making scarecrows and pumpkin heads, outdoors of course.  

Hot (not too hot!) chocolate and treats will be served to keep us going.

Please let us know which time you will be joining us and what you can contribute.

There is a ‘sign up’ form in the cloakrooms.

We will need lots of pumpkins, natural resources like twigs and leaves for decoration

and clothes for the scarecrows.


Meet our Nursery Staff!

Autumn First Half Term Home School Link

Wizzy the Wizard sets us 5 different coloured challenges in Nursery. When the children complete a Wizzy Challenge they collect a coloured lollipop stick to put in their own envelope and when they have a rainbow of colours they have completed all of Wizzy's challenges!