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Week 8 Home Learning -  Year One

We have been so busy investigating gardens, wild flowers and trees as part of our 'Great Outdoors' topic. Have a look at some of our exciting photographs. 

Week 8 Home Learning- Alice Y5 has done an interesting newspaper report about Mozart. Elise and Leah Y2 have done super fruit faces as part of the music theme this week. Well done all of you!

James has beautifully presented weather pictures and written the Spanish.

Haadiya in Year 4 and Oscar in Year 5 wrote some very interesting facts about Mozart. Oscar also made a great weather teller in Spanish

Year 5 Oscar played Twinkle Twinkle Little Star perfectly on the virtual piano. Well done Oscar!

Still image for this video

Year 5 Tilly Rowan well done on finding out some very interesting facts about Mozart

Hunting for mini beasts in the nature conservation area

Year 3 Home Learning - Week 3

Amelie has been really busy completing the tasks Mrs Thompson has given her!

Aleksandar's fort - wow!

Lewis' beautiful coloured log!

I really want to try Yuvi's pakoras!

Max enjoying the sunshine!

Leanna's beautiful sea front portrait - I wish I could there!


Home Learning

The children have been very busy doing so many amazing things!


Thanks for sharing!

Year 3 Home Learning Week 2


Evie's class photograph - can you find yourself?

Jacob's superb home learning!

Check out Aashaz's news report!

Lucas made his robot and he sent Mrs Thompson a video and it moved! Brilliant!

Amelie has always had great Design and Technology skills!

Yuvi has been so busy today! I love your drawing of your roundhouse!

Clara has been ever so busy today and it's been great to add photographs of her work!

What a lovely poster!

Joshua enjoying the fresh air with his sister.

Aashaz has been busy learning about roundhouses!

Max has been drawing some amazing pictures for me!

Omraan's fraction frenzy!

Lewis, Jacob and Noor have used the link I sent them today to draw some fantastic dragons. Well done!

Aaminah's scarab beetle - beautiful!

Aleksandar and his brother have been so busy! I wish I could bake like that!

Joshua has been researching Ancient Egyptian gods V Iron Age Druids, Daye has been growing spring onions, Xavier busy doing Maths and Chloe staying active on her scooter to the local shops.

Atharva has been on the White Rose link I've sent and been busy with fractions!

Daye's home learning!

Ella's Spring Poem

Annabelle - you have been amazing today!

Joshua's book review! I think I need to read this!

Year 3 Home Learning Week 1

Our Year 3 class have literally blown us away this week with all their home learning. They've stepped up to the challenge during these strange and tricky times. We are so proud of you! 

You are truly missed at Adel Primary School.

Mrs Thompson and Mrs Arnott

Leanna has been keeping mighty fit - look at her headstand!

Robinwood Desert Group Day 1

Robinwood Hill group Day 1

Robinwood Valley group Day 1

Timetables RockStars Launch Assembly