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The Full Governing Body meets for formal meetings four times a year.


While the Governing Body has overall responsibility for the success of the school, detailed challenge and support work is carried out by two sub-committees. All governors serve on one or both of the committees, and these committees, like the Governing Body, meet three times each school year. Committees provide reports on their work to the full Governing Body. The committees supporting the work of the school are:


Resources Committee - this committee deals with finance, staffing and premises issues. Among other things it prepares and monitors the school budget and considers value for money; approves the staffing structure and develops pay policy; and covers health and safety and security matters.


Teaching & Learning Committee

This committee ensures that standards of teaching and learning are as high as possible by taking an overview of performance management. They look at what is taught in lessons, how it is taught and how all pupils are helped to achieve the best they can, whatever barriers there might be to their learning.


Pupil Support Committee

This committee monitors pupil progress, including that of pupils with special educational needs and disabilities, and any vulnerable groups. The committee also oversees areas including attendance and punctuality, safeguarding and equality.


Headteacher Performance Management

This committee undertakes appraisal of the Head’s own performance, giving her feedback and deciding upon any pay enhancement, exercising delegated authority. It reports decisions taken to the Governing Body.