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Year 3

This is the information given during our class presentation

Meanwood Valley Urban Farm

We enjoyed a very busy and informative day at the farm. During the morning we investigated the properties of soil and discussed which, from our samples, would prove the most successful for growing plants.

We had a very noisy lunch, explored the farm and ran all over the playground.

The afternoon activities were equally challenging. We made soil and then drew diagrams with  labels. 

Finally the coach arrived to take us back to school and we arrived just as the bell rang.

Stone Age Morning

Year 3 enjoyed an exciting morning of Stone Age activities. They discovered the foods eaten during the Stone Age, clothing, tools, shelter and that pets were kept. 

Some of the children enjoyed painting a rock using mud, sand, leaves and twigs - some didn't!



Our first Ukele lesson with Mr Cairns.

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Listen to us play!


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Lesson 3- listen to the improvements,


Our topic is D.A.T.E (Drugs, Alcohol, Tobacco Education) where we look at the effects of smoking tobacco.

We enjoyed drawing around and labelling Millie's body then we had the great idea of labelling the REAL Millie.

Much fun and laughter but the children understood the serious message.

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