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Welcome to Nursery!


We hope you have had a fantastic Summer and are excited about starting Nursery

and making  new friends.


And a special welcome back to the old timers!


Our topic this half term is 

'Marvellous Me'

We are here to help!

We are here to help! 1 Mrs Harrison Place Teacher Monday to Thursday
We are here to help! 2 Mrs McWilliam Teacher Friday
We are here to help! 3 Mrs Smith Teaching Assistant
We are here to help! 4 Mrs Roberts Nursery Nurse


Wizzy Wizard Challenges!  

Every time a child  completes a Wizzy challenge they  can put a lolliop

stick in their Wizzy pocket.

When they have a rainbow of colours Wizzy will be so amazed he will want

to give them a special Wizzy award.


The Characteristics of Effective Learning

The characteristics of effective learning are a key element in the Early Year’s Foundation Stage. They detail the ways in which children learn from their environment, experiences and activities. 

They are split into three main areas. These are:

 ‘Playing and exploring’ which shows how the child is engaging; ‘actively learning’which shows the motivation behind the child’s learning; and  ‘creating and thinking critically’ which shows the thought processes behind learning and new achievements.