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Key Stage 1 Football Club


Welcome to the Key Stage 1 Football Club at Adel Primary School


The Key Stage 1 football club is run by a student teacher, Miss Sandal, who is accompanied by a fully qualified member of staff.

17 pupils from Year One and 10 pupils from Year Two have become members of the football club and signed their very first ‘football contract’, as seen in the picture.




We work on developing our football skills as well as trying very hard to work as a team. Here are some quotes from the children.

"Football Club is brilliant!" - Year 1 Pupil


"I like going to the football club because I already go outside of school" - Year 1 Pupil


"I liked playing the match" - Year 1 Pupil


"Football is all about your skill and ability" - Year 1 Pupil



Practising skills

Practising skills 1
Practising skills 2
Practising skills 3